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Learn How to Write an Autobiography for College With an Example

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❶And I knew it meant something special.

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Keep reading to learn more about how to write an autobiographical essay. To write an autobiographical essay, choose a story from your own life that you're excited to share. Consider who your audience is when selecting a story and go with something that will appeal to them. Next, create an outline for your essay to help you organize all of your thoughts. When you're ready to get started, kick off your essay with an engaging sentence, then jump right into the action to hook your readers.

Remember to write in first person and include vivid details to bring your story to life. Let your unique personality shine through! Featured Articles Essays Autobiographies. Choose a story that you really want to tell or that you just want to get out of your system. One of the best ways to write a good story is to choose a story that you really care about telling. Remember, you will need to write about a specific aspect of your life, not your entire life.

The story of your entire life could fill the pages of a book. Instead, choose a topic that you can discuss in a detailed way over the course of your essay. Define your purpose for writing. Think about what you want to accomplish with your autobiographical essay. Why do you want to tell this story? What do you hope to accomplish by telling this story?

If the application includes a prompt or question that you need to answer, make sure that the story you intend to tell will respond to this prompt or question. If you are writing an autobiographical essay for a class, make sure that you read the assignment guidelines well. Make sure that the story you intend to tell will work for this assignment.

Ask your instructor if you have any questions about the assignment. Think about who will be reading your autobiographical essay. Consider the needs and expectations of your readers before you begin writing. Jot down some of the things that you will need to keep in mind about your readers as you write your autobiographical essay. If you are writing your essay for a class assignment, consider what your instructor will expect you to include in your essay. Generate ideas for your autobiography.

Before you begin writing your essay, you should take some time to flesh out your ideas and get some things down on paper. Invention activities like listing, freewriting, clustering, and questioning can help you to develop ideas. List the ideas that you have for your autobiography and then look over the list you have made and group similar ideas together. Expand those lists by adding more ideas or by using another prewriting activity.

Write nonstop for about 10 minutes. Review what you have written. Highlight or underline the most useful information for your autobiography. Repeat the freewriting exercise using the passages you underlined as a starting point. You can repeat this exercise many times to continue to refine and develop your ideas.

Write a brief explanation of the subject of your autobiography on the center of a piece of paper and circle it. Then draw three or more lines extending from the circle.

Write a corresponding idea at the end of each of these lines. Continue developing your cluster until you have explored as many connections as you can. Respond to each question in as much detail as you can. Once you have gotten some of your ideas on paper, organize those ideas into an outline before you begin drafting your essay. You can Write an Essay Outline to plan out your whole essay, develop more ideas, and figure out if you have forgotten anything.

Write in the first person. Use the first person perspective I, me, my, mine when writing your autobiographical essay. You share your own experiences in an autobiographical essay, so use the first person perspective. Begin with an engaging sentence that gets right into your story.

Your introduction should immediately begin telling your story. Think about what you will discuss in your essay to help you determine what you should include in your introduction. Your introduction should also identify the main idea of your autobiographical essay and act as a preview to your story.

One way to begin a story is to immediately begin describing something that happened, even if it happened in the middle of your story. Use vivid details to describe the setting of your autobiography to your readers. Provide context and background that they will need to understand the rest of your essay.

For example, you might start with something like, "I never expected to be as happy as I was on that day. Avoid beginnings that are too general or broad. If you want to include a meaningful quote in your autobiographical essay, it should have something to do with your story. You should talk about what it means to you when you provide it. Transition from the introduction into your story. After you have introduced your story and hooked your readers, you will need to transition into telling the story.

End your introduction with a sentence that will leave your readers excited to continue reading. After you have introduced your story, you will need to tell your readers what happened, step-by-step. Your second paragraph and the ones that follow will depend on where you left off in your introduction.

Make sure that you do not skip over important details that your readers might need or want to know about. Your conclusion should be memorable and interesting. You should end your story in a way that wraps up your loose ends and provides some reflection on the experience. Include lots of vivid details and dialogue where appropriate.

Vivid details and dialogue help bring your story alive for your readers. Describe the people, surroundings, and other relevant aspects of your autobiography. Instead of saying you felt nervous, describe your trembling hands, the knot in your stomach, and the weak feeling in your knees. Instead of saying that you spoke to your teacher about something important, put the conversation that you had with your teacher into dialogue. Consider organizing your story in a non-chronological manner.

Telling your story in the order it happened is effective, but there are other ways of organizing an autobiography. Consider different organizational patterns before you pick one. Use starting in the middle organization if you want to put your readers into the midst of your story and then go back to the beginning. Use starting at the end organization if you want to tell your readers how your story ended up and then explain how you got to that point. One of the worst things you can do when writing an autobiographical essay is to represent yourself in a way that does not reflect who you are.

Make sure that your essay reflects your experiences and personality. In other words, if you are telling a sad story, using sarcasm or making a joke about something serious might not be appropriate.

Instead, focus on the most important parts of your life, especially the ones that contributed to who you are today. Not Helpful 21 Helpful Yes, but these tend to be common autobiographies and are not very creative.

Try to add your own personal twist to make it unique and creative in order to get more readers. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Make a list of the important areas in your life.

Use details to improve your essay. That day she gave me a red one. And I knew it meant something special. She kissed my forehead and told me like she did everyday that I reminded her of her grand-daughter, who had died at the age of 9. That day, she said she had a secret to tell me. She said that her grand-daughter, Emma always wanted to be a writer. Simmons told me how much she missed Emma, and gave me a copy of David Copperfield , from Emma's cupboard.

She said that was the least she could do and just smiled a mysterious smile. I was already a voracious reader at age 12 then, and was jubilated to receive a classic! So I just thanked her and left for school. When I returned home, I immediately ran up to my room, finished my homework and began reading.

I continued reading till my eyes closed and I fell asleep and the next morning, as soon as I woke up, I continued reading till I finished it. When I was done, I was in a completely different world. The trials and tribulations that I faced were nothing compared to David's experiences. And I simply could not help but admire the great Charles Dickens.

Just as I was beginning to imagine myself as a renowned writer, my mother came into my room. She was visibly distraught.

When I asked her what the matter was, she simply hugged me and sobbed. After a few moments, she told me that Mrs. Simmons had passed away in her sleep the previous night. It was the greatest epiphany I had I was only 12, after all. Suddenly it all fell into place. Simmons giving me the book. And her passing away into the next world while I was discovering a new one of my own.

I do not remember if I cried. All I remember is, that day, I decided that if there was anything I could do for the sweet lady who pampered and spoiled me with candy every single day, for the lady who loved and missed her grand-daughter so dearly, it was to fulfill her last wish.

It was that day that I decided that I was going to be a writer. And that is exactly what I hope to learn from your prestigious institute. By learning to write well, I want to ensure that wherever the sweet Mrs.

Simmons is, she's wiping a tear of joy. From her eyes and from Emma's too. Example of an Autobiography. Autobiography Example for Scholarship. Autobiography Examples for Students. How to Write an Autobiography. Dreams From My Father. How to Write a Bio on Yourself. Get Well Soon Messages. List of Interesting Words in English.

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How to Write an Autobiography for a University By Angela Brown ; Updated June 25, Many universities require applicants to write an autobiographical essay as a .

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Autobiography essay has a narrative tone, is non-fictional, and is required mostly when students are applying for college scholarships for higher education or for admission in their preferred schools. Identifying Themes in Your Autobiography for Your College Admission Essay The stories of your life are an important ingredient of the admission essay, but they’re not the only ingredient. You also need to identify the themes that run through the information you present to the admissions committee.