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❶Literature Review — Similar in form and length to a longish essay entitled 'how I have set up my research topic and how it fits in with existing work in the area'.

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Recent Examples of dissertation from the Web The hackers used stolen account credentials to access university professors' accounts and allegedly stole journals, dissertations and electronic books in science and technology, engineering, medical and other fields. His official biography lists a Ph. Ashley Volion, 34, works part time at the Advocacy Center of Louisiana and is currently working on her dissertation in disabilities studies.

Her parents are models of achievement; her mother wrote her doctoral dissertation on infant malnutrition in rural Brazil, and her father is an economist who works on health policy in the developing world. Francine Patterson was working on her doctoral dissertation on the linguistic capabilities of gorillas and in started to teach Koko sign language. Hindt most recently was accused of plagiarizing his doctoral dissertation at the University of Houston.

A thank you to fans who get the shaft," 10 June But their games last night devolved into dissertations on solo play while the other starters hung around the 3-point line like beggars hoping to cadge quarters from the stars. First Known Use of dissertation Other Education Terms baccalaureate , colloquium , corequisite , monograph , pedant , practicum , survey course , thesis. Definition of dissertation for English Language Learners.

Learn More about dissertation See words that rhyme with dissertation Spanish Central: Seen and Heard What made you want to look up dissertation? Need even more definitions? The author gives a romantic description of the meeting with Cleopatra, with an interpolated dissertation on amour courtois as understood by the trouveres. Many of the propositions contained in his dissertation are general; but the demonstrations are not supplied for the case of seven squares.

Panzerbieter, Diogenes Apolloniates , with philosophical dissertation ; J. Castaigne, Dissertation sur le lieu de naissance et sur la famille du chroniqueur Ademar, moine de l'abbaye de St Cybard d'Angouleme Angouleme, Lightfoot's dissertation on the " Christian Ministry " in his commentary on the Philippians He was the author of notes on Cluvier's Italia antiqua ; an edition of portions of Porphyrius , with a dissertation on his life and writings, described as a model of its kind; notes on Eusebius Against Hierocles , on the Sayings of the later Pythagoreans , and the De diis et mundo of the neo-Platonist Sallustius ; Notae et castigationes in Stephani Byzantini ethnica first published in ; and Codex regularum, Collection of the Early Rules of the Monastic Orders In July he undertook a sketch of Swiss history no detailed history of Switzerland having so far been written for a publisher of Halle, but his theological studies and the preparation of a Latin dissertation on the Bellum cimbricum publ.

The Excise Bill in and the Septennial Bill in the following year offered opportunities for further attacks on the government, which Bolingbroke supported by a new series of papers in the Craftsman styled "A Dissertation on Parties"; but the whole movement collapsed after the new elections, which returned Walpole to power in with a large majority.

His dissertation on the "barometric light," first observed by Jean Picard, and discussed by Jean Bernoulli under the name of mercurial phosphorus, or mercury shining in vacuo Diss. For the chronicle of the Pseudo-Turpin, see an edition by Castets Paris, for the " Societe des langues romanes, and the dissertation by G. His free-thinking ran its extreme course at the time of his publication in London of A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and.

Klotz contains a dissertation on the war-songs of different countries. His first learned production was a Latin translation of Benjamin Kennicott's Dissertation on the State of the Printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testament , which was followed the next year by an essay in which he expounded his own critical principles.

His views were not, however, adopted at once by all, for we find Charles Alston stating arguments against them in his Dissertation on the Sexes of Plants. Here, the logical connection is between law firms being highly competitive environments and lawyers needing to set themselves apart from each other. These are all examples of transition words not in common use.

They are most common in the technical definitions of legal documents, and often sound archaic when used in other contexts. One of the best ways to understand poverty is as a disease. Improved Example One of the best ways to understand poverty is as a disease. This slash-transition and with most other words joined by a slash can be very difficult to understand.

Almost always the context of the discussion will clarify your meaning if you use simply and or or. Making the ambiguity worse, the intended meaning will change depending on the writer. This confusion of use among beginning writers makes it difficult for a reader to decide among the choices.

The emphasis seems not to be right here, at least if we think that whether staff will be paid is at least as important as the time of the meeting.

To see the problem more clearly, we can keep the emphasis as it is and rephrase the sentence:

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Define dissertation. dissertation synonyms, dissertation pronunciation, dissertation translation, English dictionary definition of dissertation. n. A lengthy, formal treatise, especially one written by a candidate for the doctoral degree at a university; a thesis. n 1. a written thesis, often based.

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Word Origin and History for dissertation n. s, "discussion, debate," from Latin dissertationem (nominative dissertatio) "discourse," noun of action from past participle stem of dissertare "debate, argue, examine, harangue," frequentative of disserere "discuss, examine," from dis- "apart" (see dis-) + serere "to arrange words" (see series). Thesis definition is - a dissertation embodying results of original research and especially substantiating a specific view; especially: one written by a candidate for an academic degree. How to use thesis .

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‘His university dissertation was on the role of Jews in the black civil rights movements in the US.’ ‘It may be that you have to write a dissertation of around 10, to 15, words for your degree.’. Meaning: "discussion, debate," from Latin dissertationem (nominative dissertatio) "discourse," noun of action from past participle See more definitions.