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10 Great Topics for Your Geography Research Paper

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❶Organize your review as you would do for a standard academic essay, including a thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion. Principle of Marketing Trap:

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Principle of Marketing Trap: The topic for your paper The topic of your research paper needs to be very well thought out. Ten great topic ideas for geography research paper If you are to write a research paper in Geography but do not know how to choose a topic that grabs the reader, then you are at the right place.

Here are a few topics for you that will help you understand how to compose your topic Discuss the major factors, which influence the change of a climate in a certain area. Show the effects of elevation, longitude and latitude positions, ocean currents and the distribution of land and water What is the role of geographical information system GIS in determining the true locations and obtaining digital data in integrated ways?

How a Sextant identifies your position on the Sea, what principle does it work on and how accurate its results are. Is it better to use a sextant to find your location on the sea or you should trust the stars for direction? About three-fourth of the globe The science of oceans i.

Physical oceanography includes the consideration of physical properties of ocean water e. Recently, marine meteorology is also included in oceanography wherein atmospheric conditions over ocean water are studied. Bio-oceanography includes the study of the characteristics, evolution, distribution and dispersal of marine organisms.

The long period of years from B. The period from 15th to 16th century is called Great Age of Discovery and Exploration because efforts were made to discover and explore new areas.

Columbus discovered America and Vasco de Gama reached India and Magellan circumnavigated the globe during this period. The map presented by Ortelius in gave new knowledge about the distribution of land and seas.

Significant contributions were made in the fields of origin of coastal geomorphology, theoretical base of tides, ocean currents and sea waves during this period of renaissance. Ocean tides became the focal theme of study. Detailed studies were carried out regarding the mapping of ocean depth, variation in horizontal and vertical distribution of salinity, pressure of ocean water, ocean tides and currents on the basis of investigation of these variables in Gibralter Strait.

Newton presented his theory of the origin of ocean tides. In spite of such attempts the period of 17th and 19th century remained a period of inactivity in this field because of greater emphasis on physics, mathematics and astronomy.

The study of the subject again received attention with the exploration of South Pacific Region by Captain James Cook Forbes was a marine biologist. His contributions to the development of oceanography included the study of sea animals upto the depth of fathoms near Great Britain, Hebrides and Mediterranean Sea, study of bottom reliefs of some parts of the Atlantic Ocean; discovery of sites of 18 submerged ancient cities near Lycian coast; distribution of marine life in the Aegean Sea; preparation of map showing world distribution of marine life etc.

Lightening , Porcupine , and Challenger The results of this great expedition pertaining to bottom reliefs, sea water temperature, marine deposits etc. John Murray laid the foundation of modern oceanography. Louis Agassiz made detailed study of Florida Reefs and Keys. He studied different aspects of ocean from Florida to Sans Francisco around south American coast. Alexander Agassiz, son of Louis Agassiz undertook coastal surveys covering a distance of 1,60, km 1,00, miles through Black and Albatross Expeditions.

He rejected the Darwinian theory of subsidence of the origin of coral reefs and atolls. According to him atolls and barrier reefs are formed due to biological, mechanical and chemical processes.

Several expeditions were launched to study different aspects of seas and oceans in the first half of the 20th century e. Several renowned oceanographers namely Nansen, Amundsen, Pettersson, Shepard etc. Wegener postulated the concepts of continental drift to account for the origin of continents and ocean basins.

In the s Hary Hess propounded the concept of sea floor spreading which further validated the hypothesis of continental drift. With the postulation of plate tectonic theory the riddle of origin of ocean basins, bottom reliefs of the oceans, displacement and drifting of continents and ocean basins could be successfully solved.

The first co-operative work for the study of Indian oceans was initiated with the launch of the International Indian Ocean Expedition IIOE comprising 20 countries and 38 research ships in Naval Hydrographic Office at Dehra Dun and the Department of Ocean Development Goa have been assigned the task of investigation of Indian ocean and all aspects of its marine environment.

Marine ecology and marine ecosystem have become the focal themes of oceanography. The gaseous envelop surrounding the earth is called atmosphere while the science dealing with the study of the atmospheric components and characteristics is called meteorology and climatology. Climatology includes the systematic and regional studies of the atmospheric conditions i.

In fact, weather denotes short term variations of atmospheric conditions and it is highly variable. On the other hand, climate is defined as aggregate weather conditions of any region in long- term perspective. Physical climatology deals with the interpretation of factors responsible for the spatial and temporal variations of exchange of air circulation, heat and humidity.

Different climates are formed due to combinations of these weather elements. It is, thus, evident that physical climatology studies the factors and processes of regional variations of climatic conditions. Regional climatology includes the study of types, distribution, pattern and characteristic features of world climates.

Applied climatology studies the application of climatic knowledge to solve various problems faced by human society e. Understand the topic and its scope.

Structure the essay and decide on the broad sub-headings. Look up relevant references and readings before you write the essay. Your browser does not support the video tag. Phone Minimum of 10 characters.

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This essay will explain Cater and Jones statement and discuss how media portrayal, environmental incivility in urban leading to loss of authority of space by local people and urban encroachment of rural areas shape the ‘geography of fear’.

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How To Write Essay About Geography. A geography essay is an article that explains the appearance and existence of phenomena like physical features and some human-made features. It tries to explain how natural resources like rivers, mountains, and valleys came into existence. It also explains their significance. Help With A Geography Essay On Any Topic And Format. When a student is assigned or chooses to write a paper on a geography topic, there are a lot of sub-areas which he or she can choose from. As geography is a study of the earth, there is no limit in terms of choosing a topic.

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Four Traditions of Geography Essay Words | 4 Pages Four Tradition of Geography The Four Traditions of Geography has many different assumptions and aspects of geography; aspects ranging from basic mapping and geometry, to the impact on nature of humans and the processes of the earth itself. The Objective of this website is to support CS aspirants in geography (optional) answer writing and in essays writing. Users will be encouraged to write answer and essays according to a format to help them develop their writing skills.