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❶Their husbands had higher expectations of productivity for them because of the inability to afford idleness. They argue that male dominance has become accepted in society so much so that this leads to violence towards women being accepted in the home and on the streets.

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Essays on Patriarchal society

They hold the same opinions as Hakim in regards to feminism having a negative rather than positive effect on women. She found there were five main myths about feminism. Some examples are women employment has been rising, and childcare is the main barrier preventing women competing fully with men, these myths clearly contradict feminist views.

However Ginn argues Hakims claims are oversimplified, and there are considerable gaps between groups. Ginn also argues that Hakim also has no convincing explanation, she has just stated the problems not why they occur. Delamount also found weakness in Hakims argument, as she based her evidence on only one large scale survey. In conclusion, radical feminist believe patriarchy is the main reason for gender inequality.

Marxist feminist however see the capitalist system as the reason for gender inequality. Hakim strongly disagrees that patriarchy is the reason for gender inequality and instead argues that childcare prevents women competing with men, particularly in the workplace.

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Both societies built structures that involved their religion; Egyptians built pyramids to bury their pharaohs in after they died because they believed their pharaohs to be the sons of their gods, and Mesoamericans, such as Olmec and Maya, built temples that served as sacrificial and ritual centers.

In these centers, the Mesoamericans sacrificed humans because they believed that the gods wanted blood in return for the deeds they performed for the Mesoamericans. When their pharaohs or an important person in their society died, they preserved the bodies through the process of mummification.

Here, the Egyptians took out the main organs and placed them in religious jars, then preserved the bodies with a special cloth wrap to help the deceased transfer into the afterworld.

The Mesoamericans would play ball games and the winners would be sacrificed to their gods; this was considered an honor. Another thing Ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica had in common was the fact that they both had a political system.

Ancient Egyptians were ruled by pharaohs; pharaohs were believed to be children of the gods that Egyptians believed in. The pharaohs were like kings, and what they said became law, and all Egyptians had to obey what the pharaoh said. The Mesoamericans had kings that were similar to the pharaohs.

The women were treated fairly similar to the way the men were treated. The women also played very similar roles in the Egyptian society as men did. However, the Mesoamericans did in fact have a patriarchal system. The men were the ones who hunted and became kings.

The women cooked, cleaned, and trained their daughters to be just like them when they grew up. They mainly served two purposes, and they were to listen to the men and do as they commanded, and bear children to their husbands.

Ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica both, also had flourishing economies. They both developed excellent trading systems and routes, and made the use of weapons to their advantage. Mesoamericans and Egyptians both invented weapons to help them excel in their hunting and fighting. Though the weapons may not have been made of the same material, they all worked quite efficiently and fulfilled their purpose.

The Egyptians used bronze metallurgy to create cheap but effective weapons that aided them in combat and hunting. The Mesoamericans used obsidian to create effective weapons and tools that aided them in combat as well, but also provided them with an instrument to use during sacrificing rituals. The Mesoamericans also traded jade, obsidian, and orange pottery with their neighbors, and professional merchants traded extensively throughout Mesoamerica.

The Maya, a group of Mesoamericans, also invented the number 0 and a calendar consisting of two different types of years, one of which is only seventeen seconds off from the calendar scientists have invented today, The first year is the solar year, which is three hundred sixty — five days a year, and the second is the ritual year, which is two hundred seventy days a year. Ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica were both complex civilizations that developed their own systems of writing, weaponry, religious beliefs and structures, and patriarchal systems.

They were both similar and different in many different ways, and they both controlled their societies differently, but well enough to produce famous well — known societies that people learn about today.

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Free Essay: There are only two genders in the whole world, one is male and the other is female. There are lots of advocates and sociologist who has spoken.

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The patriarchal society was created by men to maintain a dominant position in the society that restricts the role of women in any decision making and promotes a set of rules for their conduct and actions, both within the . Definition. A society is patriarchal to the degree that it promotes male privilege by being male dominated, male identified, and male centred. It is also.