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What Are the Purdue Essay Requirements?

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Prompt 1: Your Interests & Purdue

What Are the Purdue Essay Requirements? The two standard prompts are as follows: How will opportunities at Purdue support your interests, both in and out of the classroom? Briefly discuss your reasons for pursuing the major you have selected. For reference, the first two paragraphs of this blog post are roughly words. There is an honors prompt , which we will address toward the end of this guide: Look over the activities you have listed on your admission application.

What activities, sports, clubs, etc. Are there activities that you have always wanted to try but never had the chance to? Perhaps they are offered at the university. For example, maybe you pursued swimming or diving throughout high school because you did not have the opportunity to pursue sailing. There are many activities in college, such as sailing, archery, and rifle club, which you would not usually be exposed to as a high school student.

Are there any particular research fellowships that you are interested in? Did you do research in a lab during your summer breaks that got you interested in a particular field?

For example, you might have competed in a science fair based upon your research in a biology research lab. You might be interested in pursuing similar research further with the intent of publishing, or you might be interested in pursuing something completely orthogonal. The main point here is to explain your motivations and where they are coming from. Any professors that you have heard about and would like to take a class with? How do these match up with the classes you completed in high school or topics that you are interested in moving forward?

You could be interested in taking this further and going into software engineering principles, something you could pursue through class offerings at Purdue. Perhaps you were in a leadership position of a service such as Beta Club in high school. You could be interested in further developing your academic and service leadership experience through similar organizations at Purdue. You might write about how taking classes in the Honors College would allow you to branch out of your major classes, collaborate together with other students on a team, and work on gaining leadership skills, which are important to you as an aspiring professional.

In high school, you may have worked on many school plays on the technical side rigging lights. In your actual response, focus on activities that either further your current interests or allow you to try something new. Your Major at Purdue Briefly discuss your reasons for pursuing the major you have selected. You do not randomly select crop science as a major; rather, you are drawn to it. There are many different reasons you could list for choosing the major that you have, but you should avoid simply listing money or status as your intention.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make a decent living, you should push yourself to list more intrinsic motivations for your choice. Just like the previous question, you should make an effort to be specific. Instead, describe what it is about farming that specifically interests you — the ability to cultivate living plants, providing food for people, watching the process of farm to table, etc. There are a lot of innovations being applied to agriculture, from IoT to crop growth simulation and forecasts.

By focusing on the specifics of what interests you, you will be able to convince the reader that you are engaged in what you would like to pursue at Purdue. You could definitely write about that horticulture class but, instead of mentioning it in passing, add detail about what you learned , how it changed the way you think about plants, and how it opened your eyes to careers you had never even heard of.

If you are unsure of your major, you can still address this prompt. In your essay, you could describe how much you enjoy writing and imagining landscapes but also that you felt rewarded by working with your peers. You could see yourself working full-time in a writing field or maybe even becoming an ESL teacher. Explain how you plan to explore these interests while taking introductory-level English classes at Purdue.

Y You might even mention specific programs, clubs, and activities you are interested in. This journey, you believe, will benefit you the most if traveled at Purdue University. Purdue Honors Prompt Why are you interested in joining the Honors College, and how do you believe you would contribute to this interdisciplinary learning community word count maximum? Perhaps you are an immigrant who appreciates the opportunity to learn more during your formative years.

You want to learn more because your home country had much fewer resources for students. You firmly believe that an honors education at Purdue would give you the knowledge and practical expertise to jumpstart this dream. Do you want to start a club, nonprofit, or charity on campus?

Perhaps you want to organize town halls to discuss solutions to economic inequality. Is there are program or fellowship you want to take advantage of? Do you want to apply for a tech grant and perform research in the artificial intelligence field?

Perhaps you want to join a study-abroad program in Guatemala that promotes the building of Internet infrastructure in villages. As a dual-credit student, you will submit our non-degree application. For more information, visit the Purdue Dual Credit webpage. For or level classes, you should apply through the Purdue Graduate School. International citizens in the United States on F-2 visas must visit the Office of International Students and Scholars before applying as non-degree students.

If you have recently been denied admission to Purdue, you cannot be admitted as a non-degree student. If you need more information before applying, visit the non-degree student webpage.

For more information, visit the Nursing Second Degree website. Pathway to Purdue Agriculture is a partnership between the Purdue College of Agriculture and Ivy Tech Community College-Lafayette through which students are enrolled at both institutions with the goal of earning a bachelor's degree in agriculture from Purdue. If you're just beginning in this program, you'll complete Purdue's non-degree application. If you're a current Pathway student who is ready to transfer to Purdue, you should apply as a transfer student , rather than non-degree.

Learn more about Pathway to Purdue Agriculture. You're a readmission student if you were dropped from the University for academic reasons. Before you apply, there are several steps you must complete, including re-establishing a strong academic record at a community college.

For more information, review our readmission student webpage. Before applying, be sure to check readmission application deadlines. Not all majors are listed on the readmission application. If the major you want to return to is not listed in the Program of Study Options section of the application, choose the major closest to your desired major and use the Personal Information section to explain why you selected it.

If you are selecting a major other than the one you were enrolled in previously, to be admitted you will need to meet the Change of Degree Objective CODO requirements for the new major.

In addition, readmission into any major is at the discretion of the academic department. Learn more about returning to Purdue as a re-entry student. Veterinary Nursing is an academic program for those who want to pursue nursing careers within the animal health field.

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Application Essays. Below are essay prompts for the Common Application and the Coalition Application. Both first-time college students (future freshmen) and transfer students use either the Common Application or the Coalition Application to apply to Purdue. Guidelines.

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Purdue University Application Essay Prompts. Prompt #1 Want more help on your Purdue University essays? Learn about our College Apps Program and Essay Editing Program. If you want us to quickly edit your college essay, How to Write the Purdue University Essays ;.

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