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❶Have you heard any horror stories from within 'the industry' if it exists as such network-wise? Tired of being sucked dry by college?

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She ended up confessing when the principal got involved. Bottom line--high school students are going to crack when presented with the evidence. Students should understand there's a risk involved, and it's disingenuous of you to tell them that it will ok if they just stick to your story, act offended that we would have the temerity to question their ability, and then run off to some invented appointment.

The idea being that a coursework-low and oral examination and examination in general -high system would render the student unable to maximise their use of such services I know that in my own time under the yoke in question I would have been highly unlikely to get away with submitting anything that wasn't my work, given the frankly massive amount of my own writing that I had to submit to my teachers and the relationship built therein , and the knowledge that certain pieces of coursework were to be orally interrogated.

As an aside, I suppose I could have worked with the OP for instance to prepare for vivas etc. I wonder what the motives of those who pay for these services are? The risks are, as you outlined in your anecdote, great.

The individual oral assignments you mention are a big part of that. Also, as you allude to, I build a personal relationship with almost every one of my students. I learn their academic tendencies and their idiolects. I was, quite frankly, hurt by the students who tried to pass of their purchased essays as their own.

Both were in no real danger of failing the course, and could have gotten solid 5's on their own merit. If you're in or have been through the IB, you know the kind of esprit de coeur that often develops between the students and the teachers as we try to navigate the insane demands together. But their reach exceeded their grasp, and perhaps there was some pressure at home go get into a top-flight university one of the girls said as much in her confession.

I tell these stories to all my new students many have heard about it through the grapevine before they get to me , so that hopefully they don't make the same mistake. But I do understand the pressure that they are all under these days, with uni. I do my best to help them as best I can under the rules, but each of them becomes their own little Icarus and needs to travel that narrow space between high achievement and disaster on their own as best they can.

As a recent IB student, I can attest to the esprit de coeur. It was those strong relationships with my teachers and the at-times challenging nature of the work that made my Baccalaureate a point of pride. I always thought the phrase was "esprit de corps". Out of curiosity, were the parents of these students you caught aware of this cheating.

Do you think it would be something they'd encourage e. From my experience, I'm glad my parents didn't pay my education the slightest bit of attention, haha. I did well because I wanted to get to university, but I would have hated being micro-managed and told what to do. As far as we could tell, no, they weren't aware. It's international school, so one of the girls was essentially living on her own and got money wired to her.

The other lived with her parents, and they seemed less shocked than I expected, but I also didn't deal with them much that's what admin is for in cases like these. It's not an easy call in some ways, because you know you're tangibly hurting a person's chances of success, at least in the short term, and like I said, we develop relationships with the students due to the close knit environment. As a tenured, full professor, I imagine that kids get away with this most of the time.

But I'll tell you what will happen when I catch someone usually twice per term. I will confront the student with my suspicions. There will be another professor in my office at the time different gender, same rank, perhaps different department.

I will ask to record the conversation. And yes, if a student is usually stupid, dull, uninventive, I will tell him or her that she was not smart enough or inventive enough or original enough or diligent enough to write a decent paper.

I do not care if that is insulting and I do not care how that makes the student feel. If the student wants to leave, fine. That's his or her right. But the discussion is over and we are going to have a hearing in the senate.

No deal will be permitted. I will argue for permanent expulsion for cheating. But say the student does not follow your advice and sticks around for a while. If the student confesses, I will fail the student for my course, and advise them to drop the rest of their classes for the term or go through a class by class, assignment by assignment investigation. If the student does not confess, drop his or her other courses, and sign the necessary paperwork which will be kept on his or her transcript , then the matter will go before a committee of the faculty senate.

The academic standards people will then have a hearing which can result in the student's permanent expulsion from the university. It is the nuclear option and I have yet to see more than a handful of cases per year.

Students are usually not that stupid. But if they are that stupid, and they lose their hearing I have never seen a student win. A note will be added to the student's transcript indicating that the student was expelled for cheating. In either case, the GPA is permanently tanked, and the student will never be able to attend any graduate program on planet earth.

After it's all over, the faculty involved will have a drink. I realise you're not doing the AMA, but have there been any cases where a student managed to prove they actually wrote the paper? Please give me some examples of students being expelled for turning in unique content. Unique content isn't really the issue here, it's the fact that it isn't their unique content. The style is different?

Maybe I had a stroke of brilliance. Maybe I had family issues the entire semester that prevented me from writing to my full potential. Personally, I think you're ruining your own life by using essay writing companies as a crutch. Especially in college, in the U. Why pay someone else to learn for you too? You don't get anything out of someone writing an essay expect potentially a good grade. It seems like an enormous waste of money to me. That's just because I believe that school is about learning, I wouldn't want to waste my opportunities to learn.

It isn't a dick move to call someone out on cheating and lying their way through college. There are consequences for fraud in the real world, and there are consequences for fraud in college. Without giving away any personal details, A LOT. The vast, vast majority of my income comes from a long-term relationship with a handful of clients. How do you start the process of writing the essays? The students in the class have a foundation because they are there to get the material, but you obviously aren't.

Truthfully, I can't imagine doing this kind of work without the internet. I mean, we are blessed with a virtually endless supply of knowledge with one click of the mouse. Google Scholar is like my Bible. I always do my best to write the paper in the language and style that the student would use. Additionally, without any proof, it's a tough bind for a professor.

Because "Did someone else write this paper" is essentially code for "I don't think you're smart enough to write this paper. It would be a tad hypocritical for me to start making moral grandstands, don't you think? How would you address ethical concerns about what you're doing?

Are you essentially okay with the ethical quandaries that your line of work raises or is it like "I will do what I have to do for money, if it means being one the wrong side of academic honesty"?

An answer would be a lot better than a joke and a deflection, because at this point it seems more like you're using reddit to advertise than you are intent on enlightening us with real answers.

The first line of each paragraph must establish a new point, followed by evidence and sources. A common mistake people make is repeating the same information throughout a paper. Not that the American high school system is good for anything, but do you think that your contributions have improved the overall hive mind? I ask this because in my junior year, two seniors were busted for ghost-writing essays.

After they were expelled, senior class's GPA went down a bunch since so many students were dependent on their essays. I get that it's a lucrative business, but I think the long-term effects are gonna destroy us as a nation. Do you think that the widespread use of professional essay-writers if it is indeed widespread goes some way to mask systemic pedagogical failings in your context?

I am not the type who does research for fun. I just stopped by to throw my two cents in. People as a whole like to skirt responsibilities if they know they can get away with them, and I'm curious as to if there's a correlation here or not. I will say with a fair bit of certainty that I don't think I would be how I am today had I not written all of my own essays. I wrote a 60 page thesis on the EU Internal Market last year.

As an American, it was quite a learning experience. I had a pretty solid working relationship with that particular student, so the paper was written in stages along with the professor's feedback. I was never the best at math or science, but I always had a knack for writing.

How do you get involved in this line of work? I'm majoring in Creative Writing but I have had an non-fiction essay published already and I did write some stuff for friends keepin it vague for reasons. So I'm interested to hear about the legality as well as the monetary "stuff" that comes from this sort of thing. I love writing anything and I'm awful at math, so I can understand wanting to help people who are in the same boat but in a different river without a paddle great at something but a not so great writer.

For me, I basically started as a whim. Found myself in some financial hard times, and mostly worked through word-of-mouth referrals. But everybody finds their own path My only advice to you, if you're considering getting into this line of work, is write excellent papers. Getting a new client to give you money is one thing. But establishing a group of long-term relationships is key if you want to survive long-run.

I struggle with writing essays all the time and I was wondering what are some good tips for writing a good essay? I've gone from B- essays to getting published by the New York Times.

The best writing comes from having something that you obsess about and constantly think over. It should be like raising your hand in class and waiving it about because there's something you want to say. Admittedly it's difficult to get to this place if you are writing about civilization vs wilderness in Lord of the Flies.

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People sure seem butthurt about this It must be universities job to make a better system if they don't want to make something like this a possibility. I've paid people to write me CVs for jobs, and I see no issues in doing something like that. CVs are retarded anyway, you can write whatever bullshit you want to, CVs doesn't mean shit. I need to write an essay on ethics in education.

We have been instructed to talk about how education is not a path to a good report card, but rather a way of developing one's intellectual ability and critical thinking, and how cheating prevents a person from learning. The second paragraph needs to provide examples of how a person that relies on cheating, even if not caught, may face serious problems when, for one reason or another, they are not able to rely on their crutch anymore, and their inability to produce their own work is exposed for everyone to see.

The third paragraph has to explain why such dishonesty is the breach of basic teacher-student trust and further explore the repercussions of personal advancement via lying. Although my 15 year old brain likes this alot it still feel wrong and if its uploaded on the internet my school will find out damn you secret program that searches for texts online.

But you should help others with what they find hard on their essay instead of doing their essay for them. Hey, that's actually not something you need to worry about.

If I send you a paper in a private email, it can't be detected by your school's program. Why don't you just act as a tutor instead of just helping them cheat? People are in need of tutors, and its ethically and academically wrong to just do their essays for them.

I am heartened by the number of posts condemning this unethical advertisement. Please find yourself an occupation that doesn't make you a bad person Andrew. You want the help then go to the website who help you to write your essays because their was many service website who help you to write any kind of paper in a professional way in a very cheap price.

The purpose of writing two pages first is to give the client a sense of my writing style before they are obligated to pay. So, if the paper's short, I'll usually just write one page up front.

Although I believe you're in good heart I don't think many will take up this offer due to threats of ghost writing as it were. I always use essay writing services because I don't have enough of time to write it by my own. I'm understand but I often pay for papers some professional author and I used it to write some essay for college. There are a lot of professional author and they work very fast, I like it.

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