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56+ Proposal Examples – PDF

Academic Research Proposal

❶Primary sources include interviews, focus groups, surveys -- either face-to-face or online -- and customer feedback.

Research Proposal Examples

Medical Research Proposal
What is a Marketing or Business Research Proposal?
The Marketing Environment

You can make proposals in a way you see best and most understandable. One type of proposal is the business proposal. This proposal aims to grab a client to invest in their organization. There are no specific formats for a business proposal.

What matters is its content that delivers a complete and clear concept. Writing a proposal is a skill. Plus, here are tips and guidelines to make your proposal effective and more attractive. Aside from business proposals , there are other kinds of proposals that anyone can encounter, such as a research proposal. What is a research proposal? Research proposals presents all that will be done during the research, what it is for, and what benefits are expected to be achieved at the end.

There are organizations that operate with the purpose of serving the people and not for profit accumulation, like charities, government branches, foundations, and trusts.

Therefore, to acquire funds that are needed for that organization, grants have to be issued. Grant proposal is a document requesting funds to achieve a certain undertaking.

These kinds of design proposals are used by any government entity asking for monetary assistance to be prepared for operations like improving roads, building facilities that would benefit the society, scholarships, research, charities or cases wherein a calamity have devastatingly affected a community.

Reaching this point, you have seen different types of proposals. Some business loan proposals are unsolicited and may be submitted anytime. Indicate which research methods will be used and how the data will be collected.

Include the type of information you will provide to peers, and in which format. State if you will use focus groups with audio or video recording. Indicate if you will mail out questionnaires or use the Internet or phone surveys. Detail when, where and who should be at regularly scheduled meetings at which you report the progress of your research. Break down costs for your marketing research wherever possible.

Add costs for personnel time or focus-group facility fees. Include costs of mailing for data collection, or the costs of producing reports. Jot down the time frame for your research project so that your deadlines are respected by all involved.

Include time lines needed to write questions, test the viability of the questionnaire or conduct surveys. Write down a list of the documentation that will be presented to your peers or reviewers at the end of the project. List any software packages, printers or copier facilities that you will use to prepare the final report.

Include the date when the findings will be presented for final review. Elle Smith has been an advertising professional for more than 25 years. In addition, Smith has more than 20 years experience in marketing, graphic arts, commercial photography and print production, and is a licensed real estate agent with property management certification in California.

Understanding Marketing Research

Main Topics

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Marketing research is at the heart of addressing the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. That is, the product must satisfy a need, be priced at the right level in a place.

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A research proposal is a document that proposes a research project, commonly scientific or academic, and containing a request for sponsorship of that research. Such professional proposals are then evaluated on the cost and potential impact, as well as the soundness of the proposed plan to carry it out.

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Tips to writing a concise market research proposal. An eight-page template provides a tool to help you write a concise market research proposal that explains the intent and purpose of the research proposal while describing the techniques and methods of conducting research. It includes the. This is a sample research proposal on Marketing: Nowadays marketing is becoming more and more important in this modern life. Every company must use this strategy to success and move forward. Marketing is a very dynamic lesson, and not just stuck in one point, its developing from time to time.

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Marketing research seeks to identify the variables that affect your product or service -- such as buyer attitude, habits, market need, competition, sticker price and promotional requirements. Before actual market research can begin, however, you must write a detailed proposal, or "map," which. Topic ideas for research proposal writing on Marketing. Review the suggested topics and think which inspires you the most for your own paper.