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❶It is estimated that by , almost 3 billion people will be finding it almost impossible to meet their basic water needs Concern Worldwide,

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How does Flint's water crisis affect the economy?
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Apparently, these conflicts have barred the efficient use of water resources Jones pp. Main Essay The idea that there is a looming global water crisis is real. Essentially, the way human beings have been using water has significantly contributed to the situation. Many industries have been established, and they require huge quantities of water. It essentially means that a huge percentage of the available water is being channeled towards running of these industries.

The net result is that the water that could have been conserved for future use is being used with utmost impunity. The governments have not helped the matter either. They have not instituted sufficient legislation to combat excessive usage of water by industries Greenberg pp. Another way in which water usage by human beings has contributed to its global crisis is irrigation. Apparently the increasing human population has also led t a corresponding increase in the demand for food.

In Flint, one in 14 homes is vacant Mallory Sidner. This means that all around the neighborhood, houses go without occupants and thus neighborhoods go without the life they need to be at maximum functioning and appreciation. As is usually the case, poverty is matched by equally disfavored social conditions.

Many business have begun to close or at least shrink causing a massive shortage in available jobs and thus income for residents Mallory Sidner. This has the town incredibly worried not only for the longevity not only of the town but the children as well. Although possessing a common and lively appearance, Dominque has begun to experience chronic headaches, passing out, seizures, and general sickness that are cutting into his life plans severely Mallory Sidner.

It is expected that the Flint water contamination is at the root of the problem and that if not properly taken care of it could prevent Dominque from graduating and going on to his desired service in the military shortly thereafter. The only proof they have that the water is the cause is that once his mother stopped using the contaminated water, her son stopped passing out Mallory Sidner. Flint is filled with such charged human emotion stories.

Residents frequently report feelings of abandonment by their government and much hopeless for the future of their city. Such accounts are hardly unwarranted. The government had ample suspicion and evidence to act sooner than they did however they refrained from the appropriate action, no doubt lacking the compassion and urgency necessary to make the difference. Surely the recent storm of media coverage in Flint helped to secure the recent assistance bill. Obama himself met with Karen Weaver, the Flint Michigan mayor, stating to reports that he would:.

Unfortunately, besides having a river contamination problem contributing to the contaminated water, there is also the suspicion aging pipes are a part of the cause Connor and Rappleye. The dying infrastructure of Flint had prevented the necessary upgrades to the city sewer system which further contributed to the disastrous sewer effects Semuels.

Despite the rising news coverage in Flint concerning water problems, there is a general trend through the U. This most undesirable metric indicates that the infrastructure in America is approaching the final stage of its utility and is likely to widely become a liability throughout much of the U.

People throughout the nations, starting most likely in the poorest cities and districts, will begin to feel the effects of subtlety being poisoned in increasing damage until they, and their regional county, will have to individually face the disaster before them. However, if taken seriously as a country, these effects may be largely circumvented through the proposal leading to improved safety and water quality across the nation. Flint Michigan has gone through quite the ordeal over the past two years as they transitioned to the temporary Flint River water source.

Mallory, Simon, Sidner, Sara. Inheriting anxiety and giving up hope. The Atlantic , Ultius Blog, 10 Mar. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Click here for more help with APA citations. Click here for more help with CMS citations.

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Background on the Flint, Michigan water crisis

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Jun 27,  · Water Crisis Essay Water Resources and Water - Words. Brent Clinedinst Water Essay 12/6/13 Water Simply put, water is the main component for life anywhere in the universe, without it any form of life would cease to exist.

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Global water crisis Water scarcity can be defined as lack of enough water or simply lack of access to safe water. According to research, very few reliable sources of safe water to . The Global Water Crisis Essay - Freshwater in the world makes up only a small portion of water on the planet. While the percentage of water in .

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Jun 11,  · Water Crisis in UAE Introduction Water crisis refers to the situation where the available water within a geographical location cannot meet the water needs of the population in that location. This prevalent situation has drawn considerable attention in most countries due to its severity to humanity. The world's growing population should be seen not only as one of the causes of the water crisis, but also as the source of its solution, as is stressed by Former President of the Philippines, Fidel Ramos, using the example of the enormous potential of people-power in South East Asia.