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❶My number was called; New promotion made me think I could get a burger any time.

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Anonymous Shoo Jul 24 To everyone that has been complaining about calling up the McDonalds number and no-one answering, Well I tried it too and not only did no-one answer but it said that the voice Mcdonalds - Complaint against store Jul The 98 store in Lakeland Florida is a 24 hour store they always close at night to which they still have employees working to which if there there why they not open it a shame the you have guests come late night to.

Mcdonalds - Complaint about a store Jul The store on davie rd extension and Stirling rd in hollywood fl is always out of items always messing up orders and always rude! This is my fourth time having to complain about this same store!! I went to this store at 9: Mcdonalds - Need help with order Jul I tried calling mcdonalds in brattleboro VT putney rd.

I did the online order for the first time a d they coulsnt find my order after I paid for it via card and recieved a confirmation number. Mcdonalds Products and Services Burger. Mcdonalds - Very poor customer service Jul It's inappropriate or not family friendly.

This business is closed or doesn't exist. It's posted to the wrong business. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. Please commend him for a job well done. We will stop there again. This one is inside the Walmart store. I told him that I would like a large diet Dr. Pepper and a medium French fry. She told me that she would take my order. I was so upset by this that I told her I would go someway else for my food where the staff could speak English.

This happened on Sept. I love your ice cream!! My only concern I s that your location closest to where I live never has ice cream.

Not once have I been able to purchase an ice cream at this location. St Claude and franklin, new Orleans la. We went to the Andrews,SC location at She finally came to the window and we ordered. We ask for a milkshake and the machine was down, this is a constant issue.

We paid cash for our meal. We then pulled up and waited behind another car for over 10 min. The car that was behind us got their food out of the 1st window. Finally the car in front of us got a bag of food. We handed the bag back. We had a crispy chicken salad, a crispy ranch snack wrap, a buttermilk chicken sandwich, and a diet coke. Well we had to wait another 7 min for them to make our meal.

We ended up with a salad and 2 burgers. We had already pulled off when we noticed the error. The girl at the window had gone over the order with the other people but it was still incorrect.

I wanted to touch base with you as I have been in good and beverage for several years and know this not only affects food cost but customer service. Decided to purchase a sugar free vanilla iced coffee at Edgewood McDonalds.

Drive thru person made an error in telling me that the coffee would have sugar syrup in it. I informed her that she was incorrect and that I asked for a sugar free iced vanilla coffee.

At this point I was fed up with the lack of customer courtesy and requested that she get the manager and return my money because I no longer wanted the coffee. The manager came and retuned my money and told me Walmart had better iced coffee anyway. Both the cashier and manager were rude and disrespectful. When I worked for the restaurant customer service was a top priority.

This is not a complaint as I am sure you have many, rather a helpful comment. I had an upset stomach the previous nite and was looking forward to something tasty to start the next day off with an egg McMuffin which was bland and dry which I disposed of after 3 bites. I understand the salt and health confinement requirements but you may reconsider a different recipe for the bun as others offer. It seems they are missing an opportunity to increase sales and profit.

You need to get your chicken where Chick Fila does. He used to go about 3 times a day for his favorite coffee. When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he had trouble speaking; however, the staff always had his order ready when they saw him coming down the road. Do you still want something, so I went ahead and ordered something. He did not understand so another woman came by to help him understand so she asked if I wanted another sandwich and I told her no, I want my money back for being charged.

Then this real nasty African woman comes up and snatches the receipt from her subordinate and looked at the receipt and said that this code does not match and I said what are you talking about and she said this does not match. I told her that I would never eat at McDs again.

Then go about feet to see that the store had given me the wrong sandwich so I turned around and went into the store and demanded the right sandwich and that same nasty African Lady, just shoved a sandwich in the bag and pushed it out to me. McDs you ought to be out of business, but you really need to fire that African witch you have managing store He does not like the hamburger the comes in the happymeal he likes cheese on his hamburgers.

U can in Canada. I stop once a week for breakfast, and this by far was the best. Efficient staff, with a pleasant morning greeting along with a great breakfast! Not many people will send a note of encouragement, please pass this on to the location that it was a great morning for one local family!

When I entered the parking lot there were a long line of cars in the drive thru, but it was moving. I then entered the restaurant to find at least people waiting to be served food. I placed an ordered for a Steak Egg Biscuit Meal with a small orange juice. I encountered customers who had been waiting as long as 20 minutes to be served. The manager seemed very overwhelmed and unsure of what she was doing. One thing she was not doing was assisting the staff to fill the orders that were lined up in the lobby.

The drive thru staff worked hard to keep the drive thru moving, while all the lobby customers had to wait to be served. The one staff person that was making orders for the lobby would fill bags with food and yell out orders that no one was there to receive.

When customers addressed her to let her know of their dissatisfaction, she spoke of being overworked and underpaid. I had to ask to be served my orange juice I ordered and could wait no longer because I was trying to get breakfast before attending church. I then grabbed a sandwich out of a bag that was left on the counter unclaimed and left the store. Tried to get a simple mcmuffin with bacon and no sausage, the young girl carefully took my order, twice. I notified the girl who thru away the original and got me another mcmuf with 2 TINY pieces of bacon.

Bacon lovers LOVE bacon not bacon bits! Not happy with the company performance, I decided to shop a of local units in northwest NJ and eastern Pa. Clinton NJ rt Wed 6: Ed Novak concerned stock holder and former DM. So while get my food I asked the lady who gave me my food and she said well so I showed her my ARMY ID id and she said no; and I drove off after paying for my food and got to my computer to write this fyi.

Question everyplace I pasted this morning had something for veterans but McDonalds? Congratulations, it must be nice to have so much profit, that you can dictate to the customer when and what they have the privilege to order. New promotion made me think I could get a burger any time. Thought you were a burger place. Tiffany, thank you again, and I hope this helps your company! Here is a suggestion: You seem to be in the news alot; discussions abound that maybe your profits are dropping and that you are trying to reinvent yourself.

I suspect that you are doing fine. But even during breakfast, it is very hard for me to get what I want: I do not stutter not that there is anything wrong with that , I speak clearly and firmly. I get just sausage a lot. Sometimes there is cheese; on the rare occasion that I do get what I ordered, the biscuit is either overcooked or stale. In fact, most often the biscuits I get are stale and not worth eating. And if I return for better product, you are met with arguments, disdain and often refusal, or people who need to finish a personal conversation before they can help you, or the manager is just nowhere to be found.

And here is the kicker: I have never found an exception, a well run or even and above average location. Each time I lapse and go back —always for breakfast on the run— I am met with the same awful service and food.

So perhaps as you look for gimmicks and ways to reinvent yourselves and reinforce you place as King of Fast Food, perhaps you could focus on customer service and food quality that makes running through a store worth the time and the money. I have the same problem in California. Maybe the franchises are owned by the same people???

The cheese was literally stuck to the cardboard. To go back thru the drive thru meant waiting for the six cars ahead of me so I drove to another location in nearby Edmond, Oklahoma and told them what had happened and asked for a new cheeseburger and fries.

Do you know what happened? I was absolutely stunned. This was from a promo from the same location that we were given from our earlier purchase last week. Forget anything favorable that I submitted on my last survey. Todays service not only fell very short but the management style is extremely poor! After waiting over 5 minutes in the forward driveway, I parked the car and went inside for a refund. As I entered another customer from behind got the attention of the only supervisor on duty and called her over to a table.

When I explained the length of time waiting for my order the cashier informed me that he could do nothing without me speaking to the supervisor, that he had NO authority to refund inspite of the fact I showed him my current receipt.

I left the receipt and walked out! For several of the upscaled brands of hotels secret shoppers are sent by corporate to rate all aspects of the properties. Hello, I was at your store in Itaska Il. When I got home, I noticed on the receipt at the top, but one quarter pounder get one free. Also, I ordered 4 buttermilk chicken sandwich. When I got home, I was short 2, only rec 2. This is not good. I pulled up to the drive through.

Heard a women taking an order at the other speaker. I then proceed to order. This is word for word what she said. I then solidified my order again.

I didnt finish ordering I just drove to the window where she took my order. As I was about to pull off I requested her name and a packet up mayo…she then gave me the mayo then through a packet of mayo at my face and it scrapted my eye.

She also called me a bitch and then blantantly pulled a cell phone from her chest area while threatening me that she will be calling the cops.

I have this all on video and plan on uploading it online so that the world can see this women and the customer service others may experience at this mcdonalds. Date and Time Dec 10, 7: Am really disappointed with the attitude l was given by the manager at Bossman station MacDonald.

I wonder how does she lead her staff if she is failing to give customers a right attitude. Unfortunately for me, I am experiencing a rash of problems with almost one out of two orders I buy. I have had to return to the store twice in the past month because the orders have been wrong or missing items.. Sometimes when I order breakfast the sausage is old, like it has been sitting around all day.

All of this returning to the store to get what I actually order is becoming almost not worth going to the place at all. The other night they had to replace my granddaughters meal because by the time I drove back to get my burger her whole meal was cold. This is costly for your business as well as it gives this store a bad reputation.

This has happened to my neighbor also.. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the drift. I really would really like something to be done with this store. I had the worst experience here after tonight. I have to say your websites are terrible, all I wanted was a number or email to voice my opinion about the poor attitudes of the management staff at the Rte , Hauppauge NY store.

I have never seen such disrespect for employees. My son had been working there since July,lo her than both managers. He left that night at his scheduled time of 7 pm, Rissy had yelled at him for leaving early he said he was not leaving early he was scheduled to work until 7.

Rissy proceeded to write him up for insubordination. At the end of his shift on Sunday December 13, Raphael called him over to speak to him about the write up, then took him off the schedule for the coming week and said he needed to speak with another manager named Steve. My son went to go pick up his pay check and was told by Rapheal that he was fired and needed to turn in his uniform before he could have his check. What a nice guy, firing a kid the week before Christmas. I will also state the Raphael is not exactly conscientious on more than one occasion my husband or myself need to explain that our son could not work Thursdays due to a scheduling conflict, he continued to schedule my son for Thursdays.

I myself am management but if I ever behaved like your management team I would have been gone along time ago, the blatant disrespect for employees and there families is disgusting. Please do not send me the employee service number, it is of no use for my complaint.

I would appreciate an answer or a number where I can speak to a human and not a machine! Im complaining about the shiny slippery tiles in the entry way of your southside shop in Rockhampton qld. Everything was like lukewarm. No excuses, which she continued to make even after I said no problem. I guess I have darkened the doors of McDonalds for the last time. Gave up on your terrible burgers long ago but was inspired by your advertising to try the chicken sandwich.

Was that a mistake! The lettuce was a soggy mess and the taste of the chicken was really bad. Took two bites and split the rest with my dogs.

Just have to drive that extra mile. I have been using your app and collecting points for a free coffee. I have gone through the process two times where I am owed a free coffee and the cashiers can never figure out how to redeem this coupon.

I just want you to be aware that the app is having difficulties. Thank you for your time. All the pattys were black. We got drive thru and opened when we got home. We odered at pm. Had a quarter pounder as well which was fine but all the small single burgers were black. I am a long time customer at the Pleasant Street, Attleboro, Ma. Sometimes I go alone but usually go to eat with friends.

Recently a situation has arisen with a single individual , not with my group. The person comes in, sits at a booth, close to the dining area ; which happens to have a TV. They take two chairs from the dining area, but them next to the booth, outing out in the walkway, were they place their feet. And if a group such as was there to watch a program on TV the other week, they complained to the manager that the TV was disturbing them, and the manager came out, apologized to the eight people, and turned it off.

Is there a place I can read the rules that relate to your policy concerning these issues. Please email me back asap, as this is troubling many of us and we would like a resolution….. I ordered al coffee and when I came in the drive through the cashier waste it all on my hand and inside my car. She starting taking the next customer order not really acknowledging what she did to me. When I ask for a new cup she pour the spill coffee in another cup ,not giving me a fresh one.

I paid for a almost empty cup of coffee. MY hand burned for the whole night leaving marks. South Boston,VA Riverdale Mc Donalds service is terrible when it comes to having remorse or apologizing to there custmers. I just saw your newest commercial. Why 2 men making out. I will never again purchase even a coffee at McDonalds.

Even if it was a man and woman. I am sure people throw ideas at yall all the time, but I had to share this. I love your mccafe coffee but the k cups seem so wasteful. I was wondering if anyone ever thought about making a K-McCafe bag. Make it like a tea bag to help save the use of those plastic cups.

It was around Pepper when the server gave me the drink the top would not stay on and drink was running down side of cup,after I asked for another lid I realized the drink was to light in color to be Dr. I go to that store 4 times a week and have never had a rude cashier until now. I just wanted to take my time this morning to thank McDonalds for selling my personal information cell phone and email address I have gotten non stop to phone calls and spam email and would just like to say thank you thank you for putting my personal information out there I will never apply for a job here or work with a company that sells personal information you have lost yet another customer.

I was deeply saddened and not at all happy to discover that all day breakfast as it is displayed over and over in your commercials. Pictures of egg and sausage mcmuffins, pancakes, granola, hash brown, and 3 different kinds biscuits etc. If certain items are not going to be available then you can not take the liberty of putting those items in your commercial! I eat at mcdonalds a few times a week but last night I had a horrible experience. My order number was , and it was the Kietzke lane store in Reno Nevada.

The first bite I took out of my mcdouble , popped in my mouth and tasted horrid. I opened the bun and looked and did not see anything so went ahead and ate it and the rest of the sandwich was fine.

I did notice a difference in the coloring of the meat when I took the bun apart but thought nothiong of it. What could it have been, possibly a blood clot in the meat maybe?? Just wanted you to know about it. What have you done to the Shamrock Shakes? Used to look forward to March just to have one.

Purchased one on Monday, tasted more like lime. Gave it another try at a different location today. Will not be buying another. I am not happy. I was told that, in the month of March, I could order a Shamrock Shake.

I refuse to support McDonalds any more until I am able to drink the elixir of life. This is the one thing I get to look forward to in life. If I am unable to get one soon, I will never purchase any McDonalds food again! I am very concerned that I was not able to receive any on the job training. The day that I first started was watching safety videos but we were having a rush and they placed us four new employees on the service floor to have us help them out before sending us in the back to do some safety videos..

I am aware that when I got to be window I had no experience and not a single minute of training. All I got asked if I was familiar with the menu and I replied to somewhat.

I made three mistakes on three different customers and I could tell I was upsetting the manager that was working that night and I was being completely apologetic to the customers and to the manager and I feel as if its not completely my fault because one of not having any training all I did on my first official day was watch and no one to explain where each item was. The reason why I am voicing my issues is because this is my first job working with food.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my issues and knowledge them. We have tried, numerous times, over the last few years to give them the opportunity to make a decent burger, but they always taste like shoe leather and burnt. Vinita, Oklahoma, the downtown McDonalds. I have learned to go inside to order for McMuffins. I can see them fixing them. I have written in several times to your McVoice Survey and they are still handling the food with their bare hands!!

Also the Manager walked in with the Co-Manager and she started working without washing her hands. This store needs cleaned up!!!! I told the counter person that I did NOT want mayo. I ate one in the car. I looked at the 2nd one, and it was slathered in mayo to which I am allergic. This person was a supervisor. It is also worth mentioning that I have been attempting to contact McDonalds for the past 45 minutes.

Not surprisingly, NONE of the access points McDonalds provides for complaints or feedback worked, until I finally stumbled on this one. Personally I think bottomless french fries while a GREAT idea will just be bad for your establishment in the long run. Mcdonalds in NYC anyway attracts soooo many of the homeless as is, the bottomless fries idea would really never get rid of them!

Some of these mcdonalds restaurants, while fairly close to where I live and or work I must avoid as is due the the homeless traffic. This bottomless fry idea would have me avoiding them all. I just thought I would say that also all day breakfast, horrible idea. I sent the email to you to inform your management team to make corrections, not so the whole world can see that this location has a problem. If used either hire me or give me a lifetime of Big Macs.

I could be an asset to your company, or a debit I can eat Big Macs like popcorn depending on which option you would choose. Sincerely, Lifelong customer Patrick. Not only is it your best TV ad ever, but also the best TV ad ever. Makes me smile every time I see it: I ordered my children breakfast.

Which my order consisted of the big breakfast with hot cakes and a sprite, a sausage burrito and large sweet tea.

I was charged for a chicken biscuit meal with a sprite, sausage burrito and a large sweet the difference between the chicken biscuit meal and the big breakfast with hot cakes meal was.

The manager Mayra came to the window and informed me that she was going to have to charge me extra… even though it was there mistake… regardless I gave her my card to charge me for the difference. She came back with the order now taking much longer and an additional receipt charging me for a medium sweet tea an additional 1. This was very unprofessional and honestly showed a true sign of intelligence for your management staff at this McDonalds. I am a bank supervisor and math is not an issue for me unlike you manager at this location Mayra.

I would like to be contacted in regards to this issue and overcharge. Stopped at the store in Nappanee, IN.

I stop there times a week for years. Service has gotten continually worse. Got my lunch to go with a large drink. Paid and then find out no Diet Coke in either machine. No sign nothing said. After so many times not getting my order correct, plus the kitchen area filthy and slow working personnel. I am finally done. I may finally write off McDonalds completely. I just bought a steak,egg and cheese bagel for almost 5 bucks and got it home I could not eat it. It had some sauce or something oozing out of it that I did not like.

I expect to get what I order not what someone feels like putting on my food,if sauce is supposed to be on it it should say so. I would like some sort of credit for it thanks.

All I want to do is email corporate a complaing and all I get is a bunch of run around,this site sucks. Not sure who made the sweet tea.

We Southerners like it sweet…bottom line. Also, bacon should be thoroughly drained of all grease, not just partly when a customer requests it. In fact, a customer should not have to request that their bacon be drained.

Personally, I believe all stores should have to go through a nutrition class before opening their doors. Your drive thru really is Bad. Long waiting and terrible at giving you your order. The kids on drinks are not on tight,no smile,etc. The food was satisfactory. Their service could use some big help.

I ordered and she charged full price, I went to the pay here window and was told that deal was over two weeks ago. Teach these people how to add in their head and do the honest thing by customers.

I wanted the customer service number to complain and she said if I paid the full price I would get a bag with the number on it. I refused to pay more than I should so I left. I will go to wendys from now on. I ordered a mcCafe but they gave me a coffee instead. I asked for an exchange for the mcCafe back without any charge but they refused to give me money back for the coffee.

I do not know what kind of sauce red lobster makes but that is the tartar sauce you would need. Marc Big Boy had that same kind of tartar sauce back in the day. I live in Saint Charles so this store is the store that I frequent. No longer I will drive 9 miles to the Shields store …I wont even go to the Chesaning Store because its owned by the same person.

Here are my reasons, Every time I have visited the drive thru, in the last 15 times I have been there some way my order has been screwed up. I have had very long waits in the drive-thru because their employee forgot i was there, And last but not least I witness A woman manager I do believe she was the store manager I am not certain of this, but I witness her belittle and humiliate her employee in front of the customers of this store.

I will not take my business to any place that degrades their employees in from of the people that they serve. Signed , One less Dollar from me. I went to the your store , I ordered two happy meals, two 6 piece chicken nuggets.

The ordered was placed at I waited the usual time for the order. My number was called; I looked in the sack and saw the two boxes of happy meal. I live about 4 miles from this store, with driving and traffic I arrived at home by We got the grandkids ready for dinner and open both boxes. One of the chicken nuggets was missing. I went back and was helped by employee KS 3. I showed her the my ticket and she asked for them. In the mean time your manager on the floor ask me what I wanted.

I told her what was going on and she told it had been 30 minutes since I ordered. Now with the wait of the food to get put together and sacked and the drive home and the drive back it was almost 30 minutes. Your manager would not give the chicken nuggets I paid for.

Very unhappy with that store and will never go back there and will not got another Mcdonalds again. For the price of the meal, yes I did drive back.

Second, the Styrofoam is much better because your coffee stayed hotter longer, and third, because you have to continuously heat up your coffee, the cup starts to break down and it starts leaking!!!

Went to using Speedway gas station Styrofoam cup to keep your coffee warmer longer. Must be nice advertisement for Speedway though!!!! I went through the drive through and my fries where cold and soggy. My quarter pounder was pretty good, but I asked for only meat, cheese, ketchup, and pickles.

All I got was meat, cheese and onions. I never asked for the onions, so I thought they must be crazy I went back around and told them.

They said that they gave me the wrong meal somebody got out of the line. That was a lie because nobody was there at 4: Cater for Diabetics as well as health concious people Use rye or whole wheat rolls and buns Use air frier instead of deep oil fried stuff and french fries To keep your salads germ free? Dip in a solution of 1 cup water and a capful of ACV Bring the prices down so increase your sale Cater for sugar free drinks Obesity is causing all kind of diseases So serve healthy food,nuts,dairy,seafood,meat,veggies,fruit.

Also, they discriminate against older men. Young pretty women can stay all day if they want but the older men are booted upon finishing their meal. They will look at security cameras and time stamps to identify you should you give a negative critique!

Then they ban you! Lastly, the noise is so loud there it can cause hearing damage. People have to scream to be heard from the person sitting across from you and in the kids play area they have an interactive game that the volume is turned up far too loudly.

Eat or go inside that place. Risk maiming yourself or kids? Eat or go inside. Surveys are supposed to be anonymous unless you tell them otherwise. If you check I do not want to be contacted, then will ignore it and contact you anyway harassment. In all of the establishments that I have visited, if I ask for a Bacon Cheese Burger I am told that they do not exist. I Then reply, that you have Cheese Burgers and Bacon, so this should not be a problem to put them together and call it a Bacon Cheese Burger.

Seriously, no one is going to say I want a Cheese Burger, add the Bacon. They are going to say I want a Bacon Cheese Burger. You guys are magnificently worse than Subway. If it were I? It just seems that with me having to write this letter that I have to. There are a lot of missed opportunities for your company to make money. There are a lot of things that misrepresent your brand.

Any customer issue becomes a training issue for the frontline, but it is even more so a training issue for the management. Need I say more? Am a retired dentist,not a lawyer.

It says for any size brewed coffee. It does not say hot,cold or any other conditions in between. I am a Customer Care Assistant and have been more more then 4 years, I am absolutely disgusted with what I have read in this post especially with being called a "cleaner" We are a lot more then just "cleaners.

We are the first people customers see and have to provide a welcoming atmosphere and excellent customer services at all times, we meet and great customers, handle all complaints, assist crew members throughout the shift with what ever they want us to do, as well as being responsible for the cleanliness of the entire customer areas.

I think all of you have the wrong attitude, we are meant to be part of a team and I am sooooo glad you are not working as "crew" members in my store, not one of you would make a good customer care assistant as you have to put others first and not yourselves. Last edited by Anon; at Follow 15 Im a customer care assistant too at maccies, trust me its not a horrible job. Plus crew members get hassled by the manager alot and it can get soo busy for them.

Customer care assistants really do have the better job plus every crew member at my store always complain about how they want to be a part of the lobby staff customer care assistants. Plus cleaning toilets is a little off putting but the key to them is just staying ontop and regularly checking them so you dont have much to do apart from the mirrors.

Follow 16 Hey I have a job interview tomorrow I'm 16 and im a boy I want to know if I get the job because I applie for Customer Care Assistant will I work on tills too or not thanks x. Follow 17 Hi everyone I applied for the customer care assistant I have an interview next week, may someone give me a little information on what to wear an if I should be taking anything aka birth certificate or something I am a UK citizen also the pay I have my own place so I will need to know how much I will be getting.

Follow 18 I was wondering how much i would get paid. As i have heard loads of different things and i forgot to ask when there. Wahid Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to S. Follow 19 Follow 20 Original post by S. Getting a job at McDonalds - How long does it take??? This forum is supported by: Smack Interrobang shadowdweller Princepieman threeportdrift Roving Fish. Boyfriend's ex is pregnant? GF never initiates sex.

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Customer Care Assistant You’ll be the person who offers our customers a warm welcome to the restaurant and anticipates what they need. That means everything from clearing trays and explaining the menu, to getting to know our regular customers.

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If you go to and search for the restaurant you’re interested in, you’ll be directed to that McDonald’s brand restaurant’s site and, in most cases, you can see what job positions the restaurant has posted.

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Customer Care How can we help you? Got a question, a comment, or suggestion? We'd love to hear from you. McDonald's Store Should your message pertain to a particular McDonald's restaurant, we would appreciate that you provide the branch, area or nearby landmarks of the McDonald. Mcdonalds Customer Care reviews: Burnt by employee with coffee. Complaint against store. Complaint about a store. Mcdonalds - Need help with order. Very poor customer service. Complaint against store. Closed mcdonalds/5().

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If that is the case, indicate it on McDonalds Philippines customer care survey. McDonald’s personnel always look into the complaints of customers and subsequently implement corrective measures. About McDonalds Philippines. McDonald’s customer support service McDonalds is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world, owning and operating 36, locations. They have restaurants in countries and serve an average of 68 million customers on a daily basis%(1).