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Film “The Black Balloon” Essay

The Black Balloon

❶All I know is he's my own, and you're weak if you don't look after your own. The three of them go for a walk during a household birthday dinner.

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Free Essay.-The Black Balloon -1 Introduction. 1- The film The Black Balloon was filmed in Australia and the UK and was produced by (Tristram MiallToni.

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The film “The Black Balloon”, is a Australian AFI award-winning dramatic feature film that stars Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield, Luke Ford, Erik Thomson, Gemma Ward; as well as a cast of newcomers.

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Essay The Black Balloon The film “The Black Balloon” directed by Elissa Downs is a bold film about the realistic look at autism within a suburban family over a more traditional coming of age story. It looks at the complexities of family life without over-romanticizing Charlie’s autism and the affects it has on each member of the family as. In Lisa Down’s film, “The Black Balloon”, the importance of taking care of and not judging people due to their disabilities and weaknesses is covered. The protagonist, Thomas, has an autistic brother named Charlie who he is embarrassed of and who is the centre of all the events in his life.

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The Black Balloon What film techniques has director Dowd used to show how Thomas makes the transition from feeling like an outsider to feeling like he had/5(1). Check out our top Free Essays on Black Balloon to help you write your own Essay.