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My Graduation Day Essay

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❶It was the first time I heard our pupils all singing the school song aloud with gusto.

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We all knew this would be the last time we were going to sing the song. It was the first time I heard our pupils all singing the school song aloud with gusto. I suddenly sensed the pride and began to follow. We were directed to the canteen for some refreshments after that.

However, I did not go directly for the refreshments, so were my friends. We went up to the classroom and had photograph-takings with our friends. We borrowed coats from our friends who were prefects to smarten ourselves in the photographs.

My friend and I posed the way we had seen Hitler saluted in our history textbooks. We shot a few of these photographs with the salutes and all. We only went for our refreshments after taking enough photographs to keep our memories of the last day in our school. We had some photograph-takings in the canteen too. I ate a few tim-sum like the fried-spring-rolls and others.

They tasted succulent and sweet. I did not eat much because one of my friends told us that we could take photographs with our principal, who was also serving her last year in the school. We took a group picture with her. Some of my friends took single photographs with her.

I regretted for not taking that. I went back to the canteen and chatted with some of my friends who were there. We talked about our memories and our coming examination. That somewhat aroused my sense of nostalgia although I was happy that I finally graduated. But the feeling was not very strong yet.

The chat did not last long. I took a last glance around the canteen before we went to the bus stop together. We went separate ways after that. Two of my friends went for their gaming.

I took a bus home. We played a lot of drinking games and one of my friends got intoxicated and began acting up and shouting out funny things.

Well I remembered telling myself how funny it would be telling him what he did. But I was also embarrassed and pissed a little. Later on I decided to call my mum to come pick me up to prevent having a clash with the other party beside us. Its is a day I will never forget in my life. It marked not only a significant end to a joyous moment nut also a beginning for new adventure to college. Home Essays My graduation day. The chat did not last long. I took a last glance around the canteen before we went to the bus stop together.

We went separate ways after that. Two of my friends went for their gaming. I took a bus home. The feeling was so special that no words could describe it. It felt as if it was infused with many other kinds of feelings. The feeling was stronger when I had reached home.

I knew I am lying to myself if I told myself I did not miss the school and my friends. The days what I once hated most — schooling days — had finally over. I am sure many of us prayed that we will do well in our examination so that we can have a break during the December without worries. Perhaps that would be the time we gather our friends together again. However, I am sure that we would definitely not able to feel what we once felt together in the classroom during the past five years.

I need to know if I have mistakes in my writting. Hi, You write well. Here are my quick comments. Everyone was so excited about OUR guest. When he had reached his seat, we rose and sang the Buddhist Hymn — our school is a Buddhist school. Although the first speech was quite dry, the second was VERY interesting. He talked about the teachings of Buddhism [and it made a lot of sense.

He invited another venerable [?? We rose and put our hands together and chanted along with the venerables [same comment]. Two of my friends went for their gaming[not sure what is meant]. We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

I've no idea how long ago you posted this, because I can't see any dates on messages, but here's a quick comment in case it's still of any use. The phrase "whom he said was It should be "who" rather than "whom", because it is the subject of "was", not the object of "he said".

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In my case my graduation day started out to be a great day but turned out to be one of the worst. It is almost as if I wish I never had a ceremony. If there wasn't graduation ceremony there wouldn't have been an accident.

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My Graduation Day Essay Maricar Reyes Instructor: J. Cruz EN September 25, Essay #2 – Descriptive My Graduation Day The most important day of my life had just happened recently this year. The word graduation means more than a ceremony for me. It means changes in my life, to.

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Jun 05,  · It's more of an recount of what I had went through during my graduation day yesterday. I wrote it into an essay as a practice for myself as well as to record this memorable event. My Graduation Day suddenly, I realized it was my last day in high school with mixed emotion and uncertain expression. Sad to leave the school which has imparted so much into me for the last 4 years. Then I sat there with a blooming joyous smile on my fave as I thought of finally being [ ].

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My graduation day essay - receive a % authentic, non-plagiarized thesis you could only imagine about in our custom writing help forget about your concerns, place your order here and receive your professional paper in a few days Instead of concerning about research paper writing find . Graduation Day Essay - For most people their graduation day is one of the best days of their lives. On June 13, , I woke up a happy and excited 17 year old for it was my graduation day and that meant no more high school, no more nagging teachers, and no more drama. [tags: Personal Narrative, High School Graduation].