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A. How to paraphrase?

Paraphrasing in an Essay Tips

❶If so, like and share! The paragraphs below provide an example by showing a passage as it appears in the source , two paraphrases that follow the source too closely , and a legitimate paraphrase.

Paraphrasing in an Essay: How to Do?

Additional Tips to Essay Paraphrasing
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Why this is plagiarism

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Should I paraphrase or quote? How to paraphrase a source; Successful vs. unsuccessful paraphrases; How to quote a source; Additional resources ; These materials will help you avoid plagiarism by teaching you how to properly integrate information from published sources into your own writing.

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Paraphrasing is putting the ideas of an author into your own words. Paraphrasing helps the quality of your paper by explaining another person’s thoughts in your own .

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Paraphrasing in an Essay Tips. For the best results, you should state the ideas into your own words and not the author’s words. Therefore, you should be able to understand the flow of the essay as well as its main points that you also have to include in the paper. When you paraphrase online, you don’t just consider the sentence or phrase rather you must also take into account the theme and the writing style of the writing in the full document. That is why you must always go for a rewording tool that offers you such skills such as the free paraphrasing .

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Exercises on Paraphrasing the task question. In the last paraphrasing exercise here we looked at paraphrasing a part of a body paragraph. Also take a look at this blog post on How to paraphrase in IELTS writing. Paraphrasing. Effective Paraphrasing in Essays. One of the most important skills in IELTS writing task 2 is knowing how to paraphrase the question. Paraphrasing means to say something in your own words, the meaning stays the same.