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Sociology Essay: Education Essay

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People in society want to be a part of a group that shares their same beliefs. Sometimes these groups become so united that they are destructive, whereas some of the groups create solidarity, community, and fellowship. The following is a list of religions, cults, and other groups that share similar beliefs and can be studied.

Classes are treated differently in every society. Because the inequalities are so deeply embedded in our society, it is difficult to eliminate them. Geographically, classes are segregated, which further complicates the pursuit for equality. Here are some topics to study:.

One of my favorite topics to write about is ancient Hawaiian culture. The ancient Hawaiians had many myths and legends as do numerous other cultures.

Sociological studies about myths and legends illustrate the purposes of these legends. Below are some interesting cultures and legends to get you started. Research about commodities can be done with little field work and mostly with available data online and in books.

You could choose a number fo things to write about including the following:. The family is another fascinating topic for sociologists. Not only does everyone have a family, but one's family is often an incredibly important influence on one's life, for better or worse! Since our view of what a family is and should be is constantly changing, there's always something new to research.

Here are a few topics to get you started:. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hello Guys i am sociology student, i have a problem to choose between the immigration sociology and the organisation sociology and after seeing this article i'm thinking about the culture of food.

Plese any help to choose the right topic. Great article, as a Sociology major myself, I always wondered whether I should study further into Sociology, as I have never focused on it after graduating. I agree though, its a fascinating subject. With a BA in Sociology, it is fascinating to see Sociology of food. However, I am so much tied to the "family", the foundation of every society. How families and families' values affect society, and so forth.

I like it so much as well as i love it i want to start my career in this field and research. Explored the windows of sociological research. Writer organized many areas of sociology to conduct new reads. Thanks for the article. I particularly liked the ideas about social media, specifically about whether or not it lends to Narcissism.

I'm currently studying the Bandwagon Effect in regards to spiritual beliefs and urban legends. I like very much and interested in sociology. It helps us to have sociological imagination to see and understand the world in different way. Mass Media can drastically change how people think and act. If we are able master this then we can get people to think or act in whatever way we want or choose. I love everything about it.

It is well-written, interesting layout, well-organized, and very useful. I write a lot about the law and social issues; so, I am going to bookmark this hub. These lists are very helpful not only for those who are in college but for those of us who write professionally.

You make a difference with your writing; and I am looking forward to reading more of your work. I didn't realize how many sociology subjects I liked until I read your wonderful list. What a great list to do research from. Your photos and videos give much food for thought.

Very insightful article; I enjoy the study of sociology so much. The study of mass media is probably the most interesting to me, as it deals with the psychology of popular belief, desires and motivations. This is so awesome, I'm due to write a research report this year and hopefully this will help me narrow my topic down.

So much interests me so guess i should put my thinking cap on. KH, thank you so much! I'm glad I could help! My was a sociology major myself. Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions or survey requests. I am going to write my Sociology Honours thesis in , and this has given me a fantastic head-start for ideas and inspiration for topics.

Recently taught Social Psychology at the African Christian College in Swaziland and really enjoyed teaching it because of how practical it is. Socialogy just another great way to see the world through the eyes of a social science. When you combine these studies with anthropology, political science, etc.. It gave me an idea.. Here's a link to a book about the study of family stability and differences between cultures: Google Scholar is a great place to find material about this.

I would also search sociological journals for more info. How does the U. Those are great topics! I hope you have a wonderful day also! I haven't been writing much lately, but do pop in once in a while. Thanks for stopping by. It has been a while. I see you are still informing the masses. Just wanted to drop by and suggest the voting habits v charitable contributions of independents would be an excellent sociology project especially since the independent vote seems to always be the most important demographic in any presidential election!

A lot of the ones listed above are good topics for a presentation. I once watched a presentation about family dinners that was interesting. I am so glad this could help your students It's so nice that you took the time to comment. It's reasons like this that I write these articles. I do teach sociology of education. I landed on this list because i wanted to organise an exhibition for my students.

Sociology incorporates much more than I originally thought; it really is a vast science. So, thanks for delineating what sociology is all about.

I'm definitely going to look into several of these topics. I would, but I am part of the apprenticeship program, which requires that I don't publish any hubs that are about HP.

It would be such a great hub to write, though. Forgive me for making such a bold suggestion but I feel only you could do the topic justice If you write any, post the link here so I can link to your article. I think I need to add a section for morays, because they are definitely a big part of sociology.

Another really informative and professional hub. I would like to see a sociology paper on the contrats between current morrays and past morrays. I would think that would be fascinating. Brittany, this is fascinating!

I love reading about sociology and this is such an amazing list of topics that I want to study them and consider writing about some. Absolutely brilliant and I am sharing! They're all online - free, no papers to write, no books to buy.

Indeed, there is no single, unified or stable discipline or intellectual project to which we can refer" Ball, , p. Nevertheless, the following will attempt to summarize the discipline by outlining its theoretical and methodological history, and by taking a brief look at some of its core topics of study.

As a theoretical perspective, structural-functionalism is known by many different names which include functionalism, consensus theory, and equilibrium theory Ballantine, Functionalists approach the sociology of education from a macro level, arguing that society and its institutions are made up of interdependent parts, all of which function together to create a whole.

They often use the body as a metaphor, suggesting that schools contribute to the healthy functioning of society in much the same way as the heart, for example, contributes to the healthy functioning of the body. Emile Durkheim, a professor of pedagogy in early 20th century France, was not only one of the earliest proponents of functionalism, he is also considered the "father of sociology," and one of the first to study education from a sociological perspective.

Durkheim studied many aspects of society - including but not limited to religion, crime, and suicide - but his contributions to the sociology of teaching and learning are documented in his works Moral Education , The Evolution of Educational Thought , and Education and Sociology.

One of the questions Durkheim spent much of his lifetime studying was the way in which societies maintain and reproduce themselves. As a functionalist, he believed schools served a critical role in perpetuating a society. He wrote, "Education is the influence exercised by adult generations on those that are not yet ready for social life.

Its object is to arouse and to develop in the child a certain number of physical, intellectual and moral states which are demanded of him by…the political society" as quoted in Ballantine, , p. He also recognized that schools would differ across time and place, in relation to the larger society in which they were embedded.

Critics of Durkheim and of functionalists more generally, argue that functionalism fails to take into account conflict and instability. It may explain how some societies maintain the status quo, but it doesn't adequately represent reality to the extent that groups of people often have different agendas and goals, and subscribe to different ideologies. Ballantine suggests "that the dominant theoretical approach of structural-functionalism has not been capable of moving the field ahead because of its status quo orientation in a society faced with constant change" p.

As its name suggests, conflict theory assumes a much less stable view of society than structural-functionalism. Is sincere love and care for children more important than the type of family single parent or gay couple?

Should kids be able to change their names if they want to? Should people wait until the age of 21 to get married? The culture of poverty: Are the citizens of poor countries responsible for their own poverty? What is the role of mass media in shaping public opinion? Comparison between materialistic and a spiritualistic person Comparison between the children brought up in Filipino and Europe Critical comparison between sociology and anthropology Diffusion of innovation in European culture.

The Modern Global Plague Homosexuality — crucial warning to our society How cross cultural media transformation destroys the culture of a particular society? How does divorce effects on the minds of the children How to Control Crime in the 21st Century In spite of such an advanced means of communication people are increasingly going for solitude.

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The topics in this lesson offer diverse entry points for students to think about sociology and education. Education and Socioeconomics This section offers a series of questions that will help students write essays about the connection between education and social .

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Sociology is a comparatively new subject for many students, so choosing sociology essay topics and writing sociology essays can be rather challenging. Keep in mind that sociology is an empirical science, and all sociological papers (including your essay) should be .

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Sociology Essay Topics This list of more than sociology essay topics has been constructed to assist students who wish to explore a number of ideas in the field of sociology and social sciences. International relations • Internet • Law • Linguistics • Media • Politics • Psychology • Social psychology • Social work • Sociology Essay on Relationship Between Sociology and Education Essay on Relationship Between Sociology and Education – Sociology and Education, as two branches of knowledge, concerned essentially with man and his life, are intimately refuted.

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The topics in this lesson will move students closer to the sociology of gender. Gender and Sex In this section, you will find topics oriented toward helping students tease out the complicated relationship between physical sex and gender in different societies. The sociology of education enables the teachers to explore the schools as social world and it has also certainly made contributions to the field of education. In sociology of education, the teachers will learn about the social stratification and education. /5(16).