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How to Become a Better Essay Writer: Tips for College Students

Our 100+ Best Writing Practice Exercises and Lessons

❶I set out to create the best writing practice I could.

1.Get organized

Three Simple Ways to Be More Specific
1. Start with a story.
1. Find meaning in life

Will you use a library or you will get information from the internet? This could affect the way you will work. Most importantly, it will save your time and make sure that your ideas flow seamlessly. One of the mistakes writers do is by writing on a topic they are not conversant with.

To make strong arguments and points to support your writing, facts about the chosen subject will highly be needed. Therefore, make sure you gather enough information to give credibility to your writing. A good essay is not only one that is grammatically correct but also one that is supported by factual information.

In that case, establish the sources that you will use and how you will take notes. You can type notes as you read or highlight key points from your resources. The most important thing is to make sure that you have established a way of taking your notes.

Becoming a better essay writer will require you to plan for the task. Many students make a big mistake by neglecting this step. The failure to plan for you essay will definitely lead to a poor essay structure and obscure argument lines. Planning turns your notes into a good plan and helps you to avoid these issues. Go over your notes a number of times and highlight what is particularly useful in your writing.

Put your thoughts in sections and have a plan of how you will connect your found ideas together. Understand all your arguments right and how you will bring them in to make a meaningful essay. Give your essay direction. Know what you will be writing about and the main argument revolving around your essay. Look at your main points and summarize the points in your essay.

The people reading your essay should be able to tell what your essay is all about, right at the end of your first paragraph, which ideally, is the introductory part. A lot of creativity is needed in writing a high quality introduction. If you want to make your essay great, make sure that you present your introduction in a high quality manner. Make it interesting for the reader to want to read the second sentence after the first one. Your transition into stating the thesis statement will tell whether your essay is worth reading or not.

Therefore, make it great! Writing essays in college can be a daunting task. Therefore, your first job is to find out what your teacher expects from the assignment. Oftentimes, this can be accomplished by simply reading the instructions for the assignment carefully. For example, if your professor considers the thesis to be the most important part of your essay, than you need to put a lot of effort into making that thesis statement shine. Then, a year later, if you have a literature professor who is looking for really strong analysis skills, then you will want to focus on that.

If your teacher does not provide you with a rubric or a detailed set of instructions, then just ask! Teachers have office hours for a reason, so drop by his office at that time. Sit down and seek clarification on what the expectations of the essay are. Great essays undergo many drafts and revisions. Starting with an outline is always a great idea, but the revision process is about finding what works for you.

The most important takeaway here is revision, which is the process by which you go back through the essay and make changes to improve it. Good revision also requires careful time budgeting. If your essay is due in three weeks, then you should try to hammer out a first draft as soon as possible.

After a little while has passed, look at the draft again. One of the nice things about making use of multiple drafts is that you can take the pressure off a little bit.

1. Get Clear

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If you want to become a better essay writer, practice these useful aspects especially because it is the standard way of developing a high quality essay. Gather information, plan and execute the plan in this format. The best essays have a succinct introduction, body and conclusion. References: 1.

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Writing is a skill, and like any other skill, you have to practice it to get better. Write stuff for yourself, write for a blog, write for other publications. Write just to write, and have a blast doing it. It gets easier after awhile if you practice a lot. 3. Write down ideas, all the time. Keep a little notebook handy (Nabokov carried around index cards) and write down .

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If you master this technique, you will quickly go from a mediocre writer to someone who writes stories that people read and say, “Wow! You wrote this?” So how do you become a better writer? Be Specific. Five years ago, I spent nearly a year traveling the world, going to countries like Vietnam, Croatia, Uganda, Turkey, and Ireland. How to Become a Better Essay Writer: Tips for College Students Writing essays in college can be a daunting task. Often times, students don’t know where to start and then flounder through the entire process.

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With help from an awesome teacher and a reliable tutor I have become a better writer by improving my skills in the areas of procrastination and content. Procrastination has become such a bad habit for me. Want to become a better writer? Perhaps you want to write novels, or maybe you just want to get better grades in your essay writing assignments, or maybe you’d like to start a popular blog. If you want to write better, you need practice.