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War Essay: Topics You Can Use


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Causes of the Vietnam War

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And finally, recap your essay in the conclusion. Writing about Vietnam War, first determine your key arguments for the essay. Justify the issue — did the United States win or lose the War? And consider the influence of antiwar protest movements in the US during the Vietnam intervention.

After that, draw conclusions and summarize all of the above. Work at war essays requires a certain concentration, knowledge, and emotional resilience.

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Place a secure order. Weapons and tactics have undergone total transformation in the last millennium but no deterrent has managed to quell human conflict.

It may look totally different has managed to quell human conflict. It may look totally different for the war-mongers but no the common man it gives the same results — death and destruction. The totally of wars since right from Nagasaki and Hiroshima to iraq and Afganistan continue to grow without respite.

The irony of the new millennium is that improvement in technology and scientific advancement have given us more options, leaving us with our major drawback, our primitive human failing — the fear of the other. The core reasons for fighting wars are about proving superiority, hegemony, competition for dominating the region or the world and for economic survival.

The recent wars, to preserve the efficacy of the democratic system, may be a phase which is temporary. This may be applicable for the war on Iraq or Afghanistan but vital interests are of primary importance. Examples of Bosnia, Kosovo and East Timor are now exceptions but do raise our expectations for intervention in cases of upholding human rights. The situation has drastically changed today with hand-held missiles capable of bringing down aircraft.

The US faced this situations in Somalia and Afghanistan. Even very back in , the US experienced the result of new weapons, in the hands of hurriedly formed mercenary and militia. The ragged, underfed and ill uniformed militia was capable of bringing down helicopters and kill marines, wrecking a super-power campaign in Somalia. The civil war in Somalia was further intensified due to their intervention.

The bloodshed in Algeria continued in but the NATO and other super-powers including France just sat back and twiddled their thumbs.

Serbia also proved a point by creating a human crisis which could not be solved by the forces of NATO, It had to find its own solution to the problem. Intervention in Yugoslavia or Iraq has not been able to subdue the rulers there and even after carpet bombing and unleashing their might the NATO powers could not reach a conclusion.

From these results, it has been proved that self-imposed political limitations on the amount of force to be used, can simply leave problems unresolved. The future holds more terror with smaller States like North Korea going in for nuclear weapons and States like Pakistan passing on technology to other Islamic states.

Lybia under Colonel Gaddafi had been seeking this technology at any price and the day is not far off when Islamic militants will be able to get together a makeshift weapon.

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Essay on War – Is It Necessary? If war is necessary, it is a necessary evil. Its evil is sometimes concealed for a time by its glamour and excitement but when war is seen in its reality, there is a little glory about it.

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Although war is always evil, sometimes it is the lesser evil, in some cases it is inevitable. I, of course, don’t support the idea that the war is necessary in socio-economical sense – there is such a point of view, stating that the war is the motive power of progress and effective method of keeping demographic situation stable.

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War and violence are making our society crumbled, before we know it we might even destroy the world. After a governmental dispute, a change in ideas, or simple hatred towards nations, a war is engaged. But though war is an evil, we must recognize the fact that it is a necessary, inescapable evil. A glance at the past history of the world will show war has been a recurrent phenomenon in the history of nations. No period in world history has been free from the devastating effects of war.

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Essay on Wars – Destructive for Humanity. War is, without argument the worst collective experience of humanity. War is, without argument the worst collective experience of humanity. It has created new nations on the rubbles of destroyed cities and humans dead. A war essay that details the events leading up to a specific war can be both informative and enlightening for your audience. Role of women in war: A well written war essay could compare the role of women in several different wars throughout history and/or their roles at home or in industry during WWI or WWII.