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❶Schwartz , assumed that values are certain settings that people gained, and they are also the prevailing solid scene, and can be the ruling standard in a series of behavioral patterns Ma, X.

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Corporate Culture Essay
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It explains how cultural and leadership competencies can be profiled which, in turn, can lead to a diagnosis of culture gaps, cultural congruency and cultural strength. This approach is built around clan, adhocracy, market and hierarchy. These four maps themes were also used in the analysis of how organizational culture of London first united Methodist church chances with structural inventions.

The church is both an organization and an organism. As such, the church has a lifecycle development built into it: The church itself historically has through several changes. Change as renewal is a major aspect of the Methodist movement. Much of the rise and fall of the Methodism can be traced to how the church was willing, or not, to change.

The four maps themes therefore fit this church. Accessed September 15, We will write a custom essay sample on Assessing Corporate Culture specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Assessing Corporate Culture Essay. Values Values are defined and known as long-term goals and objectives guiding ethics and principles in people's lives Rokeah, , Schwartz, Values are assumed either as explicit or implicit prescription of the 'wishes that effect persons' means Kluckhohn, Schwartz , assumed that values are certain settings that people gained, and they are also the prevailing solid scene, and can be the ruling standard in a series of behavioral patterns Ma, X.

Individuals with diverse values tend to emphasize different results and are driven to achieve different objectives Berson and Dyir, The impact of values prevalent in that they affect the most fundamental ways in which people perceive their environments Meglino and Ravlin, Leaders have also a vital role in determining and directing organizational culture Schein, While founders have the original role in establishing an organization's culture, succeeding top management and executives influence the future culture change Davis, S.

Leadership is one of the major driving forces for improving firm performance. Leaders and other executives, determine the development, and utilization of the organization resources, the transformation of these resources into valuable products and services. It supports organizations in achieving their objectives efficiently by linking job performance with a clear rewarding system and by ensuring the availability of the necessary resources needed by employees to do their job properly and efficiently.

Mainly transformational leaders build a strategic vision and communicate that vision by walking the talk and acting steadily, and build obligation towards the organization's vision Avolio, B. Different researches and studies have reported affirmative relationships between transformational leadership and results at the individual and firm levels consequently, the behavior and attitude of the leader affects and has a strong influence on shaping the organizational values Zhu, W.

Haakonsan investigated and analyzed how misalignments between the leadership style and organizational environment affect the organization performance, According to the results he found that any misalignment may result in negative performance consequences.

Peterson, studied and analyzed how the CEO's behavior affects top management team dynamics, such as rigidity, leader control, power centralization, legalism, cohesiveness, and the performance efficiency related to 'income growth.

Personality measures appeared to have a clearer and direct impact on decision promptness. The effect of self-evaluation on innovative direction is stronger in dynamic environments because uncertainty biases top executives to rely more severely upon their own frame of reference, which gives them greater choice in shaping strategic directions. Evidence indicates that individuals with a greater self-evaluation tend to follow objectives that are internally matching with their personal interests, values, and aspirations Judge and Bono, Because top management with higher core self-evaluation are more confident that they can master their environment and surroundings and that the implementation of their knowledge and their capabilities will result in positive results, they should be more oriented to notice the positive possibility of entrepreneurial opportunities Chatterjee and Hambrick, Research also found that CEOs with lower core self-evaluation are more seemly to have less confidence in their ability to influence and control the environment when confronted with ambiguous challenges and have a greater propensity to avoid risk Hiller and Hambrick, , Uimuek, Heavay and Veiga, Related to previous studies about the consistent approach the values that can shape the leadership as the power, inspiration and self 'direction can have a major effect on organizational efficiency and strong direct effect on culture- efficiency relationship.

In any dynamic environment there is always rapid change and discontinuity in competition, demand, technology, or regulation and due to these changes the gathered information is often either inaccurate or outdated Eisenhardt and Bourgeous, In this framework, because cause-effect relationships are generally unknown, the result is uncertainty in decision making and gives founders and CEOs greater choice and freedom of action Uimuek, Heavay and Veiga, Once the culture is shaped, founders and top management, and key leaders are responsible for managing the development of the organization's basic rules and for adjusting and modifying the culture in order to keep up with the rapid change in the environmental demands Schein, , Agle, , Wally and Boam, Given the general propensity of individuals to insert their vision and interpretations and personalities into their judgments and decisions when challenged with unclear situations Mischel, it would be expected that this tendency to be mostly strong among higher core self-evaluation top management working in dynamic environments.

On the other hand and when the environment is constant and stable, the influence of top management core self-evaluation on individuals entrepreneurial direction is less noticeable Uimuek, Heavay and Veiga, It has been found that the more the organizational environment is stable and steady the more the leadership characteristics occurs such as managerial, transformational, political and ethical leadership Urluogro, Therefore, stability or inconsistency of organizational environment can enhance the rise of strategic and operational changes.

Organizational culture contains the values, beliefs, behaviors and norms that link the members of an organization. Similar to all other cultures organizational culture matures over a long period of time with the contribution of the members.

Through studying and analyzing the culture of an organization, we are able to come up with various conclusions. These include conclusions about the culture resistance, and communication and leadership styles. These conclusions can be helpful for top management and executives to encourage better organizational cultures which consequently improve the organization effectiveness and performance. An organization's performance can be understood from the organization's culture.

The organizational culture exposes the leadership styles of those leading and managing the organization. It has been observed in this research that the self-direction feature of founders , CEO and top Managers in the organization is related to inspiration and power. The managers with the higher self-direction personality could be referred to as being more dominant in this sense.

The individuals with higher self-direction and enthusiasm pay relatively a less importance to the quality in the organizational efficiency criteria. Both clan culture and the adhocracy culture have been found as negatively related to the organizational environment factor which highlights and emphasizes organizational structure, work in organization, and external competition.

In Market culture it has been found that consistency is considered with high importance for the employees working in such culture. This implements significance to the organizational policies and procedures as well as human resources practices, which guarantee employees to be market oriented and to identify themselves with the organization for this. It has been pointed out that it is necessary to give relatively less importance to the stability control in order to get better productivity. The strategies and policies have been preferred to grow the organization rather than working on activities towards attain employee's loyalty.

It has been noticed that market cultures to have an impact on planning-goal setting and human resources development indicators; and the adhocracy cultures to have an impact on information management and communication are among the expected outcomes.

Self-direction managers found to be more influential in the clan culture on establishing planning and goal setting, while the inspiration character of the manager has the same impact in market cultures. In order for the clan culture to reach a desired efficiency level it has to accompany with organizational environment factor with its significant effect emphasizing the external competitiveness, work in organization and other organizational arrangements factors which is not considered as part of this culture.

Organizational environment factors internal and external in relations among various culture types and organizational efficiency dimensions, are found as considerably influential. And the main impact is the organizational environment factor which emphasizes the determined work and organizational measures. Essay UK - http: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Business essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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Think about your details in how you want readers to view it from your perspective. Expository essay Stages of writing Study help Buying a plagiarism free sample Topics for an argumentative paper Persuasive essay topics on politics Good compare and contrast essay topics Creating a winning essay topic Writing a strong essay Great high school essay topics English essay example: Leadership And Corporate Culture In the job market today, the hiring managers are looking for a leader that they can trust with the business and attain fruits.

Generational Shift Most of the companies are in a problem in the management because of the mixture of generations in the work place.

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Corporate culture is the shared values and meanings that members hold in common and that are practiced by an organization's leaders. Organizational and corporate cultures are formal and informal. They can be studied by observation, by listening and interacting with people in the culture, and by /5(15).

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Corporate culture is an idea that cannot be easily ignored or dismissed for if a company wishes to be financially successful, have a positive reputation, and be in good standing in the community, companies need to shift their focus to building a solid corporate culture.

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It is, therefore, important for both the hiring manager and the job seeker to research in depth about the corporate culture of the firm. This way, the applicant can align their leadership skills to meet the package that the company is looking for. - This paper will assess the corporate culture of Walt Disney, addressing the background of the organization, training and teaching, stories, legends and myths associated with the company, .

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Essay on Corporate Culture Article shared by Corporate culture can be defined as the personality of an organization, or more simply put- the way things are done in that particular organization. Corporate Culture The study of Organizational Behavior has included an in-depth look at corporate culture to gain an understanding of the diverse variables, namely people. OB, as defined in the text, is the study of individuals and groups in organizations (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, , p. 3).