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Residential Schools in Canada Essay Sample

Residential Schools in Canada Essay Sample

❶The residential schools should only operate on the condition that there is a high standard of hygiene and sanitation. Your membership has been canceled.

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Essay title: Residential Schools
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Academic essay on canadian residential schools

Windspeaker, 25 4 , p. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. First Nations faith and ecology. Reducing environmental impact, how do we reduce our environmental impact on the world and especially Canada. Now almost everywhere you go you can see or hear our planet dying because of our actions and on the verge to having a destroyed planet.

We must contribute to fixing this issue and make sure this type of problem never reoccurs again. Many would argue that Canadian aviation died that day. Many others would argue that not only did Canadian aviation die but so did any hope of an entirely independent Canadian foreign policy.

The fact that a significant portion of the Our work aims to research to what extent was Canada a willing participant in the Cold War confrontation between the United States and Soviet Union from the late s to the early s.

At first we should make clear what the Cold War itself was. Then we are going to state that Canada helped the US in confrontation but never was the active player. The idea of putting freedom of expression behind other issues as it not being the most important essentially robs it of being part of the fundamental values.

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Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Residential Schools in Canada Essay Sample From the late s to the s, more than , First Nations children in Canada attended residential schools To attend these schools, children were taken away from their families and communities.

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How about getting a customized one? Can't find your topic? For example, the students enrolled into this system were not allowed to speak their original languages. Removal of children as young as five years from rural households and their exposure to regulated environment where they were not permitted to speak their Aboriginal languages was an abuse enough to the psychological well-being of the children.

In Canada, the children who broke the rules in the residential schools were severely punished irrespective of their age. This is tantamount to child abuse.

Studies have shown that physical abuse of children at the formative stages of development has lifetime effect on their emotional, psychological and even physical health Wilson et al. A good number of children were emotionally and spiritually destroyed as a result of the harsh disciplines and living conditions which they were exposed to. The psychological trauma that the Aboriginal population experienced in the residential schools has been spread from one generation to another.

The Physical Health of the Aborginal Population The residential schools in Canada were greatly under-funded by the federal government. With the overcrowding in the institutions, communicable diseases broke out and spread from one person to another. Besides, there was poor sanitation in the institutions with the students sometimes taking days without bathing because of lack of water and other sanitary facilities.

Outbreak of culinary diseases such cholera, diarrhea and typhoid were not only common but widespread in the institutions. The institutions lacked adequate trained medical and healthcare staff and facilities to attend to the health issues of the students. As a result so many children and adults died under poor residential school system in Canada Wilson et al. The students in the residential school system developed physical health complications significantly due to lack of facilities.

As a result, sometimes students spent the night without beddings to cover themselves. This exposed them to diseases such as pneumonia and other respiratory-related complications Kendrick, Despite these conditions of housing units, they still accommodated Aboriginal populations.

Under such conditions, the health implications of the housing and the accommodation facilities for the residents are very severe. The Aboriginal populations were also exposed to poor diet. Most of the meals that were served lacked nutritional value in some cases and were unbalanced in many other cases. This did not only affect the nutritional needs of the body but also contributed to development of some health complications such as kwashiorkor and other development related issues.

Singer observed in a study that a residential school system limits the ability of the Aboriginal students to participate in physical sports freely.

Lack of physical exercise contributes to development of long term health complications especially in late adulthood because of poor borne development Waldram et al. The mixing of students from different social backgrounds, family set-ups sometimes lead to development of certain behavioral problems. For example, behavioral problems like drug abuse, alcoholism and sexual abuse developed in some of the residential facilities Wilson et al. These exposed the Aboriginal population in the residential schools to further health risks.

The impact of drug abuse on the mental and the physical health of an individual is very severe. Unfortunately once these behaviors developed, they were not addressed effectively.

Sexually transmitted diseases that spread as a result of irresponsible behavior greatly affected the health of the victims. Dealing with the Health Challenges Residential School System Residential school system was generally a coercive initiative imposed on the Aboriginal population. In order to address these challenges, the first initiative will be to review the residential school policies so that it is not made compulsory for a child to be enrolled in the residential school system Singer, The policies should focus on defining the minimum age at which a child can be enrolled in a residential school system.

For example, young children below 12 years should not be enrolled into residential school. This will enhance normal emotional and psychological development in the formative stages of life. Besides, this initiative will eliminate the emotional torture caused by exposure of a young child to a new environment away from the family members with whom a child has an emotional attachment.

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Detailed Outline WR J. Robinson & A. Robinson/ 1 Learning Centre Sample Detailed Essay Outline: Residential Schools Introduction: late s to s more than , First Nations children in Canada.

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Free Essay: Sociology McClinchey Residential Schools in Canada Before the nineteenth century, the Aboriginal people had their own way of teaching.

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The Aboriginal Healing Foundation defines residential schools as being industrial schools, boarding schools, homes for students, hostels, billets, residential schools, residential schools with a majority of day students, or a combination of any of the above by which attended by Aboriginal students (Chansoneuve, ). Residential Schools in Canada Essay example - Living in Canada, there is a long past with the Indigenous people. The relationship between the white and First Nations community is one that is damaged because of our shameful actions in the ’s.

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Essay on Residential Schools. Residential Schools Residential schools began in the s in Markham, Ontario, by the government and the Church. Their official reason for opening was to provide First Nation children with an education and to integrate them into the Canadian society. Residential schools were established for two reasons: separation of the children from the family and the belief that aboriginal culture was not worth preserving. Most people concluded that aboriginal culture was useless and dying and all human beings would eventually develop and change to be like the ‘advanced’ European civilization.