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Glossary of the French Revolution

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❶The point of removing the royal family to Paris was to allow the people to keep a close watch on their actions. He and his Revolutionary Tribunal had killed 1, people in six weeks.

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Origins of the Revolution

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Ruled as King of France from until , and then as King of the French from to Suspended and arrested during the 10th of August Insurrection, he was .

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French military and political leader. General during French Revolution, Ruler of France as First Consul of French Republic, King of Italy, Mediator of Swiss Confederation, and .

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A series of decrees issued by the National Assembly in August that successfully suppressed the Great Fear by releasing all peasants from feudal contracts. A document, issued by the National Assembly in July , that broke ties with the Catholic Church and established a national church system. This French Revolution glossary contains definitions of important words, terms and concepts relevant to the revolution in France between and

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Consulate - The name of the government established by Napoleon at the end of the French Revolution. Cordelier - A political club in Paris during the early part of the French Revolution. It was led by Gorges Danton and played a major role in . This is a glossary of the French Revolution. It generally does not explicate names of individual people or their political associations; those can be found in List of people associated with the French Revolution. The terminology routinely used in discussing the French Revolution can be confusing, even daunting. The same political faction may be .