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Writing has been a very personal outlet for myself for as long as I can remember: I love to write about my own moments, experiences, and adventures. I thrive on creating a mini-memoir from a quick moment in time that I never want to forget. When I reread my writing, I want to be able to relive the entire experience.

My goal when I write is to engage the reader so much so, that they feel they experienced it with me. I graduated from the University of Washington in with a degree in Political Science. During my time at UW, I was a member of an organization called Dream Project, where I went to a low-income high school and helped students dictate their future.

My role included assisting the students with homework and managing deadlines, brainstorming routes to further their education in areas they were interested, and helping the students create extraordinary admission essays and portfolios for their post-high school education.

In addition, I was a tutor at writing workshops that Dream Project held. Currently a senior in university, Tori prides herself on finding all the right ways to irritate people. Bachelor of Arts Major in Interdisciplinary Travel Tales, Sketch scapes and heartfelt narratives. A self-styled sketch artist and storyteller on an endless quest to explore lesser known places, timeless destinations and familiar backdrops.

Bachelor of Arts with English Honours. I revel in the joy of my new findings through my own rendition of a favourite experience or captured frame that subtly finds its place in my 'sketchologue' or my self styled blogs. I am a passionate and adventurous nomad. Interested in education, yoga, nature and arts, I have travelled extensively around the world as I worked in the cruising industry.

I love volunteering and I love volunteering and share strong views on humanitarianism. Writing is my biggest hobby and I also use it as a healing method. I am a certified yoga teacher and I love writing on my blog about experiences in places where I have been and have changed me.

They all represent for me souvenirs in time that I would love to look back at. We use social media logins to avoid storing passwords on our servers and to keep spammers and snoopers from bothering our clients. Create an account with just one click using our social media logins. Each of your websites can have its own management interface, allowing you to keep track of individual projects for yourself or your clients.

You can even create and save different writing team preferences to make sure every writer on the team has relevant real world knowlege of your topics. Add your websites to create personalized writing teams for each one. Once you have setup the basic website you can refine your team and hire writers individually, or using our automated selection system to get a skilled writer fast. Hire writers individually, or create jobs that any writer on the team can take for faster turnaround.

You can provide as much or as little detail in your instructions and we will handle the rest. Once your writer begins work you will receive the completed article within seven days - including all the relevant media.

Before you see the article, our internal review team will check for all the essential criteria like adherence to your instructions, spelling, grammar and plagiarism checks. When the article is ready, you can check it and ask for edits until you are completely satisfied. Most content writing agencies have in-house teams of dedicated SEO writers. The writers know nothing about the topic, and most use Google as their only reference.

With no experience or understanding of your industry to provide their own insight - they end up producing the same information as your competitors, just with different wording. Google make it abundantly clear that regurgitating content either by machine scripts, or human input is something you should always avoid.

If you don't offer new information, Google will not rank you! At the very least it's a low-value approach to content marketing We focus first on finding people usually via social media through highly targeted adverts - and vetting them to ensure they are as qualified as they say. Only once a writer has passed all the reviews, written and published work - and proven their abilities - are they presented to you. Not only that, but our review teams are at your disposal throughout the entire process and our in-house development team are always on hand to take your input and adjust our interface to make a more efficient workflow for you.

You need a writer who really understands your industry - not a keyboard warrior whose only experience is reading wikipedia. We use writers with real life experience to provide a genuine understanding of your topic. When you are happy with the result, a single click will send the post and all its attached media to your WordPress blog.

From the use of Grammarly to Facebook page integrations to a fully managed blog hosting and management solution - we have everything covered and more with our in-house development team. If you aren't satisfied in any way we will refund your money in full using the same payment method you used to send it.

Reasonable terms and conditions apply. Every article is manually reviewed before it's presented to a client. Our review team is very thorough - but if you feel they have missed something your commentary is passed to the writer for a swift resolution. Each article is checked using the Copyscape API to make sure it's completely unique. We use social media to verify our writers so you know who you are working with. Because our writers are all active on social media, they won't hesitate to share your content - which will get readers and Google paying attention to your website.

The articles in our blog are from agency writers whose reader count is consistently high. We ask our best performing writers to provide some insights into their tips and techniques for the rest of us to learn from! I am going to go ahead and guess you are new to the freelance world and are looking for as many insider tips as you can get hold of. Thursday, May 3, There are a few methods on how to achieve an excellent online reader-count.

I cannot say which ones are the best but I can write about those that have worked well for me. Tuesday, April 17, Ask a hundred people what their ideal job would be and it is a guarantee that travel writer will come up over and over again.

For those of us who love to explore the world, what could possibly be better than sharing our stories, our photos, and getting paid for…. After one day, the number of views remains 5. After two days, nothing changes. You are baffled and angry…. Friday, March 30, Technological World: The era of technology has come and has made information more accessible anywhere at anytime.

Imagine training a puppy. Information is now widespread and currently easily accessible to most people in the world. These are easily accessible due to the internet which has been created for purposes that….

I have been freelance travel writing for nearly a year, alongside my full time university courses. Although it certainly does not provide me with a living wage, freelance travel writing as a…. Monday, March 12, To have a blog and write down all the stories of adventures you made throughout the world is a passion. Making money out of doing your passion, is that not what everybody dreams about? Being a Freelance blogger, especially in the Travel department, is tough and not for everyone.

Top 12 Content Writers for Hire Our top performing writers are listed below - if you can't find someone to match your needs, consider broadening your search or using a different keyword for your industry. Search for your perfect content writer Laura-minafo Student My name is Laura, and I am 22 years old.

Student My name is Laura, and I am 22 years old. Varun Balwani A hotelier at heart doing A hotelier at heart doing different things right now A 31 yr old who likes to capture every opportunity to travel. Education A Graduate in hotel management and catering technology.

Ardys Gladden Soriano Leadership and Management Addie art teacher, explorer,

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