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Never call you back. Took about a month for them to agree to give us a replacement fridge and only after we'd paid quid for their engineers to come out. Will be another two weeks for replacement to arrive. My four month old Note 8 decided it didn't want to make all the pixels work so I went onto Google to see what my options were.

I tried phoning Samsung customer non service but they never seem to answer so you're stuck in a queue for ages, I gave up after a couple of attempts and looked for the nearest Samsung shop. Nothing could entice me to pop my lovely phone into a Jiffy bag and place it in the hands of ANY delivery company, posting a letter is bad enough. Neither could you entice me to have to deal with somebody on the end of a phone if you can ever get through holding my phone to ransom.

Luckily, there was a choice of two close by so off we trotted into Manchester. The staff were fantastic. The lovely lady had a glance at my screen and, as they do repairs in the shop, said come back tomorrow we'll send you a message when it's done and all will be sorted funilly enough, we got the message after we'd picked the phone up.

Oh how we laughed! What I wasn't impressed with was having to sign an agreement to pay them money if they found any water damage. Not that they did, but isn't it supposed to waterproof?

Anyway, returned the next day to find that they had replaced the screen, those tiny leads inside Woman speak and replaced the battery. I have no idea why I got a new battery but it doesn't get as hot as it used to so that's a bonus.

Bish, bash, bosh, job done, no nervous breakdown having to deal with a faceless voice that has the ability to ruin your entire year. Off we skipped, hand in hand, into the rain it is Manchester after all.

I was so impressed with the service we received in the shop that we went back yesterday to buy one of their activity tracker watches. We may have paid a chunk more money than buying it online but there was no waiting for it to get lost in the post or dealing with a faceless trader that usually doesn't want to sort out any problems or give you your money back.

The lovely lady helped me to set it up and if there's ever a problem, we can just go back to the shop confident ish in the knowledge all will be sorted. Thank-you Samsung Manchester for a totally stress free experience and we'll be back soon. Samsung Cs is essentially non existent. Tried to send an email and again wouldn't recognise my details to write email.

Was referred to the website to fill out a form and also informed that their service center was not open until 9: Filled out form and it indicated that that form was not appropriate so it sent me to another form. Filled out the other form on a HP spectre laptop.

There was absolutely no way to submit the form! Called again and the supervisor, Robert, told me that it was my problem and I needed to use a "computer" what does he think an HP spectre is??? When I finally told him that I needed a form sent he agreed to e-mail it to me.

Never e-0mailed it to me. Never will get a Samsung product again. Everyone I spoke, and I spoke to 5 different members of the "Star Team", was friendly enough and promised a resolution. However nobody actually did anything to facilaite the replacement - all they did was to pass on messages, promising to call back at certain points, long delays.

Terrible customer support - I am going into the service centre instead despite the long journey and will seriously question buying another Samsung again. Samsung sold me a refurbished phone for a "brand new" price, the Customer Service was denying that, telling me "Samsung sells only brand new phones" until I proved it: Also, upon checking the IMEI on line I found out that the phone was already registered by someone for warranty, about one month before I purchased it.

So, I sent that phone back to Samsung hoping to receive my money back in a few days. Little I knew that I'm about to discover the worst, most incompetent of them all, so called 'customer service" I just can't get over it that "The Samsung Company" threats their customers with such a disrespect.

I'm waiting over 1 month already to receive my refund, the Credit Card collects an interest on MY money which Samsung keeps in their pocket. When I call co called, customer service they are just making stuff up, promising and lying just to get the caller off the phone. They always mention "refund team" some secret code name, that "it's all in their hands now", So, that's the frustration I have been going through every day for the last 5 weeks and I can't even get an answer to "how much longer" question.

Should I consider the money to be stolen forever by Samsung? Customer service is just terrible Every item I have had that is Samsung has become faulty in the first year, a lot in the first month sadly. I prefer Samsung phones and fortunately, because of the upgrade programme, I never have a phone that is out of warrantee and I keep my phones insured. Other items I will try to avoid buying directly from Samsung. This may be somewhat lengthy, but I want to include all of the details.

Several weeks ago, Galaxy Note 8 crashed and got stuck in a boot loop. Eventually, it made it to the recovery screen, where I attempted to Reboot Now. This resulted in the same loop. Back in the recovery screen, I attempted a factory reset. I was met with a Data Wipe Failed message. At this point, I contacted Samsung support. I sent the phone in for repair, and a week and a half later, received it back with the Problem Found: I went to turn on the phone and was met with a screen that read: The data partition has been corrupted.

You need to reset your device to factory default settings. This will erase all your data. After a couple minutes, the logo falls over, a yellow exclamation point appears, and the screen says Error. During this conversation, she says she is sending 1 day air shipping both to and from Samsung, as well as noting this repair is to be expedited. She says the repair should take no more than 24 hours, and if they cannot repair the phone, they will be sending me a replacement. Also, I am told that if I have not heard anything, to call the Repair Department directly.

After apologizing that they might not have the correct answer, since they're only supposed help with actual Samsung issues, they went on to give the correct response of updating Windows and the antivirus software. If you don't need an immediate answer, you can email Samsung Support and wait the hour waiting period. So while I worked on other odds and ends, I sent an email inquiring how to transfer files between my smartphone and laptop using the company's SideSync software.

The company's tech support reps did reach out to me a day later. However, Sai Likhit from email support identified SideSync as only a mobile app and felt it was disqualified as a laptop question and sent it over to the mobile team, whom I'm still waiting to hear a response back. After such a good experience with Samsung's online tech support reps, it was time to pick up a phone and let my fingers do the walking. When you're initially connected to Samsung, you speak to a friendly bot that asks a series of questions including notebook model and the type of issue you're having.

While the bot identifies whether or not it can answer the question itself, you can hear typing sound effects in the background in an effort to enhance the illusion. If the bot can't assist you, you're then connected to an actual human being. I made my first call at 3: Once I explained my problem, she quickly and confidently walked me through the steps, asking if I had the app installed and open and if the devices were on the same network.

After I gave the confirmation, she walked me through dragging and dropping images from the Note 8 into the SideSync folder. She also informed me about what other media I could transfer and told me how to create new folders on the desktop.

Satisfied that I had the hang of things, we ended the call after 5 minutes and 49 seconds. I made my second call-in at The call concluded at 7 minutes and 5 seconds. He confidently informed me that all I had to do is install antivirus software and that would take care of it. When I asked about updating Windows, he said it was unnecessary as the antivirus was enough. In truth, you need to update both Windows and your antivirus software to defend against the security threat as well as check regularly for any subsequent patches.

So with a partially-correct answer, the call ended in 3 minutes and 41 seconds. Samsung has a wide variety of products under its belt with different warranties. But most of the company's laptops come with a month limited warranty for parts and labor similar to our test Notebook 7 Spin. However, some of Samsung notebooks feature a generous month plan.

Samsung never fails to impress with its tech support. The company has a full cache of options to help consumers resolve any issue that may arrive with their laptops. If you don't want to talk to actual humans, there's the FAQ and the forums. But if you're up for some social media engagement, the reps manning Samsung Support's Twitter and Facebook pages are fast, knowledgeable and concise.

The ticket, along with the prior ticket, had all of the relevant information regarding the problem, but because whoever the repair technician was that worked on the phone ignored those details, I am now in a situation where I'm told my only option is sending in the phone again.

Any repair should not take 3 times, several weeks, and multiple tickets to create. I no longer have any faith in Samsung's repair center or it's quality tests. He told me that he has all of the authority and that he has decided I have no right to a replacement or refund based on the prior tickets "resolution". Again, when asking for escalation or any legitimate solutions, he remained completely silent, until he ended the call.

If at all possible, I would like to make a formal complaint against Johannson, apart from this giant catastrophe of a repair management system. Bought a Samsung refrigerator and liked it so much that I bought another one to put in my RV.

It has worked well, but the ice maker stopped working 3 months after purchase. Called and there were no local certified repairmen. I bought a new ice maker on Amazon and installed it myself. Have talked to numerous Samsung reps by phone and eventually a "supervisor" who was courteous and agreed that they would reimburse me for the cost of the part.

I was not asking for labor costs, just cost of the part. No check has ever come. Now that I have read some of the other posts, I understand. I will never purchase anything that Samsung makes again. My advice that is that you should not either. I have never known such shoddy customer service and aftercare from a multi-national corporation. Never again will I purchase a Samsung TV or phone due to this, ridiculous. Unbelievably bad customer support from the UK Samsung online store!

I wanted to buy Galaxy S4 and they advertised promotional offer which was not applied correctly checkout. One week and 20 conversations they told me to wait for a call. Then they just changed the offer and even didn't bother to call me. Really I like their products but this attitude will push me to buy Apple products next time because I am not buying only the product but the support should come at the price.

If I could do zero stars I would. I noticed on the email they sent to me saying it would be delivered by DPD the next day, that they had lost my first line of address. Took 4 days of badgering them for them to contact DPD to correct it. When I'd phoned DPD they said they didn't even have the parcel to deliver anyway.

As with the customer further down this review list, I was constantly told it would definitely be delivered tomorrow. Surprisingly, tomorrow has never arrived. I phoned today to cancel, and they asked if I had spoken to DPD. Yes I had, they said they didn't have a parcel I didn't buy my watch from DPD.

I've now requested a cancellation. I wonder if that will happen! It has put me off buying another Samsung product. If anything went wrong with it, I would have to deal with their appalling customer service Stay away from Samsung as far as you can.

Ordered Galaxy watch last Friday morning paid additional 10 gbp for Saturday delivery. Today is Tuesday and i still didn't get it. They keep lying every day that it will arrive "today" just to get rid of you. After it doesn't arrive they come up with different crappy reasons. Still no watch, few more lies and promises of calling me back which never happened. I understand that f..

And Samsung failed tragically in that department. It was enough to tell the truth. Why didn't you call and simply tell me that you have f.. I wouldn't waste a lot of time first waiting for the watch and than calling you everyday. Simple apologies maybe a small compensation would allow you to safe face. Hiding behind lies and blaming the customer isn't the way to go.

The customer service is shocking!! I have spent good money on their products to have the phone put down on me 5 times after explaining the situation 5 times to 5 different people which is highly frustrating and very unprofessional! I have had my Samsung S8 for a while now and it works perfectly, I am not a man that has embraced technology so it probablyt has way to much for me, I do know it beat iPhone to everything though and it hasn't slowed down.

Im leaving this review because I dropped my phone in a lake at the weekend, with no visability in merky waters after 10 minutes of fishing around I found it, wiped it with a tissue and I was good to go.

It didn't lose battery power it didn't shut down, and it works perfectly. Both delivered today, having disposed of the old washing machine in advance. Washer dryer leaked all over the floor when the delivery men tried to fit it.

They took it away with them. I place my order for the note 9 and paid for it using there bank transfer method world pay the day before it was due to be delivered I got a phone call telling me it would not be delivered on the day stated but would come 2 weeks later. So I asked to cancel my order and requested a refund. Originally I was told 3 working days that expired no sign of any refund got back in touch then got told another 5 working days which ended on the 7th September, still no signs of any refund going in my bank.

When I spoke to them again they just keep saying we appreciate your patience. Why is it I can transfer to them in seconds but yet its now taken 10 working days since cancelling and still not been refunded.

Welcome back.

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Samsung customer services is without question the worst customer services I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. If you can find another product, I urge you to go elsewhere. If something goes wrong with your product, or you need to return something, or you just need technical support, you will find the most inept service that will probably result in you losing the will to live.

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The repairman gave me all the part replacement information and recommended that I contact Samsung Customer service since the problem I am having is common for this model, RF28HMEDBSR/AA/5().

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Sep 07,  · We called Samsung and the customer service rep was very rude to say the least. We were told that the repair company that was to fix our tv went out of business and they (Samsung) must have lost our work order so there was no way of getting a hold of us.2/5. Samsung Customer Service If you are faced with any type of issue or problem on your device, you may wish to contact Samsung customer service number The company was established in in South Korea and since then it has turned in an international conglomerate.

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Samsung has the WORST customer service from them all, you can find tons of people like me on the net, Samsung will replace 99% of your phone hardware but will never replace you with a new phone. Usually I am not writing reviews, but this case got me supermad, I have spend about $ for the phone and wirelescharger and I keep it in my drawer now. Poor customer service in at least 3 occasions, blatantly lied to on again at least 3 occasions, 3 faulty TVs in under 12 months, on this specific occasion I've been waiting over 6 weeks on a resolution and Samsung are dragging their feet.