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Why I Switched to Genesis Theme from Thesis Theme

Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

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What was/is wrong with the Thesis theme?

In this article I will show you some of the current popular WordPress theme frameworks. Three of them are paid and one of them is free, and each has its own distinctive qualities. I will also have a look at their support options and show you what some of the completed themes looks like. Genesis demo 1 Genesis demo 2 Genesis demo 3. Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks at the moment. It is developed by the team at Copyblogger Media , a professional marketing company who are highly regarded content marketers as well as offering a range of WordPress-related services.

Genesis is definitely worth a try based on its pricing and support alone. It has many popular sites running on it, including the famous Problogger. Thesis is a advanced WordPress theme framework, offering more control over design and functions. But with the increased flexibility comes a higher learning curve if you want to write your own code. Luckily they also offer a drag-and-drop layout tool with a visual template editor, so non-developers can create custom designs without the need for leaving the dashboard.

Thesis is the perfect framework for the more advanced theme developer. The Professional license comes with unlimited support and updates as well as a few extra Boxes and skins. WooThemes is one of the leading theme shops in the WordPress world. This will serve as the foundation of your own theme, with Canvas being quite a decent theme already. WooFramework and Canvas combined offer the following important features:. The Canvas theme is loved by many developers around the world.

It is already attractive itself, which makes it easier to start with. It already includes some popular features like portfolio functionality and custom shortcodes. The only downside is that you only pay for one year of support and updates, while with the other paid frameworks this is unlimited. Gantry demo 1 Gantry demo 2 Gantry demo 3. Gantry is a framework by another popular theme shop, RocketTheme. They offer some beautiful themes themselves, and made their framework available under the GPL license.

They have documented Gantry very well, and actively improve it based on their experiences and community input. It can easily compete with the other frameworks. Some of its most important features are:. Gantry is not the easiest of frameworks to work with, but it does allow for extreme customization. You can customize the meta tags, the heading styles, the title tags and everything else, to just the way you want. There are themes for every domain, and you can customize them according to your requirements.

Plugins are important for seamless functioning of the theme and ultimately your website. Genesis has many plugins specifically created for its framework, like Genesis Connect, Genesis Footer Builder and more.

Even though there are numerous reasons for bloggers to go for Genesis as their ultimate theme, there are a few aspects which make it a dicey option. If you are not using the child themes and several plugins along with the Genesis Framework, then you might face the problem of limited customization options on the default dashboard.

This makes it a cumbersome process for some. However, non-coders might feel lost while using the theme when it comes to making changes for customization of individual elements. Unlike a lot of other premium themes, Genesis does not have a lot of features to play with. This is a boon as well, in a way, since it loads faster. However, it keeps the design simple unless you add several child themes and plugins to it. A close competitor of Genesis, Thesis was developed by Chris Pearson.

Thesis comes with an outstanding inbuilt SEO capability. Of course, you can customize everything you want, including your homepage title, meta tags, drilling down to the post level. Its exhaustive features eliminate the need for an external plugin, making your site lighter and hence, faster to load.

There are umpteen ways and features through which Thesis lets you play with the design of your site, without the use of a child theme or external plugin. You can modify every font type, style and size on your site directly through the dashboard that has the drag and drop feature under the design options.

You also have maximum control over the ultimate layout of your website. Apart from the WordPress forums, DIYthemes has its own support forum where you can find all the help you need in case of any problem you face with Thesis. While there are some areas where Thesis clearly takes the first prize, it does fall short in certain areas when compared to Genesis.

While Genesis offers the use of the theme in an unlimited number of websites upon a single purchase, the personal package of Thesis only allows the use of theme on a single website.

Why Thesis?

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The traditional WordPress theme and child theme architecture is both limited and outdated. In order to have total template control without messing with code, you need a new architecture. Thesis 2 is that architecture.

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What Are WordPress Theme Frameworks? Some WordPress themes are created by using a framework, while others are built from the ground up. In general, these frameworks are best described as the foundation for a WordPress theme. Typically, the framework will contain the core code, covering the basic features and design elements.

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20 rows · A Client Site License enables you to use Thesis on one site for your client, . All Skins require Thesis Theme, you must own a license from The best Skins collection for the Thesis Theme Beautiful WordPress designs with a drag and drop (thanks to Thesis).

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Thesis - The Theme Framework For Power Users on There is a Theme For That - Thesis is one of the two most common representatives of “theme frameworks”. The idea behind frameworks is simple: they present a common base for many. The Genesis Framework enables the features and the functionality of your WordPress blog and the child themes offer complete customization of the visual elements that form the frontend of your site. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Genesis as your WordPress theme.